What Does "Sheesh" Mean on TikTok? Get the Details on the Viral Audio Trend

What does "sheesh" mean on TikTok? The viral audio has been trending on the video app. But, you may be surprised to know what "sheesh" means.

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Apr. 21 2021, Updated 2:48 p.m. ET

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If you're an avid TikTok user, you have probably attempted at least one of the cooking hacks that you spotted while scrolling through the social media platform. You might have even learned a viral dance or participated in a challenge, and you've most certainly been entertained by the shenanigans that people post on the video app.

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Since TikTok has taken over the world, more viral trends have been popping up daily. The newest trend that has left some scratching their heads? Using the word "sheesh." So, what does it mean?

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What does the word "sheesh" mean on TikTok?

So, you may have noticed that #sheesh is trending on your Discover page. Additionally, users have been posting videos saying the viral word in a high-pitched voice. Why?

According to Merriam-Webster, the word "sheesh" is "used to express disappointment, annoyance, or surprise."

Though the word is found in the dictionary, it reportedly became popular on TikTok when user @meetjulio created the audio in a high-pitched voice and posted it alongside a clip of a huge frog. And that's...kind of it! There's no real deeper meaning. 

It's just a simple, funny sound that has captivated TikTokers; millions of people have created videos using the "sheesh" audio at this point. Many of the videos show someone doing something mildly impressive, and the audio plays in the background. It kind of works to hype up the person in the video or say they've done something cool.

Using the word "sheesh" in your new video is not the only trending lingo that TikTok users are using. 

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What does the word "bussin'" mean?

It's safe to say that every decade has had its fair share of lingo or "cool" phrases. We were hit with "far out" in the 1960s, "take a chill pill" in the 1970s, "tubular" in the 1980s, "bling" in the 1990s, and "you go girl" in the early 2000s. 

Now, TikTok has seemingly created its own viral word that many young kids and teens have added to their repertoire: "bussin.'"

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If you are unsure what the word "bussin'" means, you're not the only one. 

"Enjoyed working alongside these amazing students this morning. I even taught them the meaning of 'elbow grease,' and they taught me the meaning of 'bussin'' while we worked. Thanks @QuinnShawn and Ms. Beasley-Brown for organizing this opportunity for our students to give back," one person tweeted.

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The word "bussin'" is used to say something is very good. 

One Twitter user posted, "I love it when the word 'bussin'' is used. For example, 'That sandwich was bussin'!' meaning it was reeeeaallly good! #ITSFUNNYTOMEOK!"

Another wrote, "I used to laugh when older folks didn’t know the lingo but the other day I had to Google the meaning of 'bussin'' so imma keep my mouth shut now."

This Twitter user posted, "Bussin' has a variety of meanings. Below are the most commonly used meanings  Regarding food...'bussin'' means it’s delicious.  Regarding sex...'bussin'' refers to a female spreading her genitalia open. Regarding guns...kinda self-explanatory."

Another person commented, "I’ve seen ppl say bussin' can only be used for food but in Chicago, I’ve literally heard ppl say 'that place be bussin'' meaning crowded/fun/loud. So now what?"

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