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Source: Getty

Ali Lohan Did Not Like Cody Simpson's Barely Furnished House


Ali Lohan and Cody Simpson used to be an item. 

Although this piece of information may have slipped your attention amidst the whirlwind of Cody-related dating news — the singer was spotted getting up close and personal with Miley Cyrus at a popular Hollywood locale earlier this month — it wasn't forgotten by either Ali or her older sister. 

Li-Lo attacked Cody during the finale of Masked Singer Australia. Why? What happened? Ali Lohan and Cody Simpson: are they the epitome of failed romance? 

Lindsay's sister happens to be Cody's ex-girlfriend. 

Li-Lo’s rapid transformation into a fully-fledged amazon fueled by the sheer power of blind fury can be explained with just four words: Cody hurt her sister.