Elyse Myers Deleted All of Her TikToks After Being Targeted by Operation Watermelon

We don't know when (or if) Elyse will decide to return to social media, though not all hope is lost.

Sara Belcher - Author

Mar. 18 2024, Published 4:44 p.m. ET

Elyse Myers video with her empty page
Source: TikTok/@elysemyers

Since going viral for her 100-taco date storytime, Elyse Myers has continuously graced our For You pages with her positive demeanor. However, anyone visiting her TikTok page looking for more good vibes won't find them, as she seems to have deleted all of her content from the app. Her bio currently reads "Taking a break from this app. I'll see you when I see you."

What happened to Elyse to make her leave TikTok, and will she return?

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Why did Elyse Myers take a break from TikTok?

Elyse's presence on TikTok has been filled with funny anecdotes from her life, updates on her crochet projects, and peeks into her life as a mother. Recently she gave birth to her second child, Oliver, who was born with a ventricular septal defect, or a hole in his heart.

Though Elyse attempted to keep her content lighthearted, amid the struggles she was dealing with at home, her comments were often filled with people talking about the crisis in Gaza.

Elyse Myers
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These comments were part of Operation Watermelon, a movement started by Angie (@angie_mariie) on TikTok that would encourage supporters to comment about Gaza and the current crisis Palestinian people are facing on specific big creators' accounts. Unfortunately, this quickly devolved in Elyse's comments, with some eventually harassing her for not publicly stating her support for Gaza.

Though the Operation Watermelon supporters were tasked with commenting on one or two of Elyse's videos, just about every video she's posted since October has had some mention of Gaza in the comments — and this is what many believe led her to decide to take a break from her account.

In response, some TikTokers have called out the users who participate in Operation Watermelon, arguing that a creator's decision to not speak about an issue they may not be educated on is their right.

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Others have pointed out that the intention was never to harass the creators being targeted, but rather encourage users who were unaware of the crisis in Gaza to search for information themselves, raising awareness.

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"The point of this isn't to force creators to talk about it but to raise awareness so when people go into the comments section and they see certain names or certain things, they go 'What's that?' and look it up and there you go — you're spreading awareness," creator Sierra (@xqueengeek) explained in a video following Elyse's departure from the app. "And if I remember correctly the original goal was to only comment on one or two specific videos on these pages."

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It seems Elyse's comments section spiraled out of control as a result, resulting in the harassment that continued as she remained mum about the topic.

Angie is reportedly not the leader of Operation Watermelon anymore, though while she led it she targeted other big names like Taylor Swift and Mikayla Nogueira.

Will Elyse Myers ever return to TikTok?

According to her bio, Elyse is just taking a break from TikTok, but whether or not she decides to return will depend entirely on her own timeline and healing. Both her TikTok and Instagram have had all of their posts deleted, though the videos on her YouTube channel remain. It's unclear if she plans to continue her weekly uploads on YouTube, though they may also be on a hiatus as she steers clear of other social media apps.

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