The OfflineTV Community Took Sides in the LilyPichu and SleightlyMusical Breakup

What happened to LilyPichu and Albert? The YouTuber couple broke up publicly and their OfflineTV community took sides in a hard-to-believe scandal.

Shannon Raphael - Author

Nov. 12 2019, Updated 11:48 a.m. ET

Source: Instagram

There's a big breakup that's making waves in the Twitch and YouTube communities, and it's getting more dramatic by the second.  Lily "LilyPichu" Ki and her boyfriend, Albert "SleightlyMusical" Chang are two fixtures in the OfflineTV community, which is a collective of six streamers and content creators who share a house together in Beverly Hills. The couple made music together, and have huge followings on their respective social media pages.

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But, the two have called it quits, and the OfflineTV community took sides. What happened to LilyPichu and Albert? Plus, what their breakup means for OfflineTV.

Source: Instagram
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What happened between LilyPichu and Albert?

Rumors that the longtime couple had ended things began swirling when members of their OfflineTV community began tweeting cryptic things. LilyPichu and Albert were in Japan, and neither commented on the speculation for several days.

Imane Anys aka Pokimane, another member of OfflineTV tweeted, "It’s insane how the best of people can turn out to be massive snakes." 

Federico Gaytan aka Fedmyster, another OfflineTV member, retweeted Pokimane's snake sentiment and some now-deleted harsh words about the situation. He then issued an apology about inserting himself in the situation. 

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Source: Instagram

Fedmyster and Pokimane

"On behalf of the OTV + friends group, I’d like to apologize for our very irresponsible and emotional response to yesterday’s events," he tweeted. "We were all pretty torn and upset for Lily and going to social media was not the right move. Please continue to send her love during this time."

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LilyPichu left Japan early, and she soon addressed what was going on.

"Albert and I aren't together anymore. I apologize for all the subtweeting made by my friends. They were shocked and acted out. I didn't know if I should share it/how to share this and was stressing out about it but at this point it doesn't matter I'm too sick and tired," she wrote in a Twitter statement.

There has been online speculation that Albert cheated on LilyPichu, but nothing has been confirmed by anyone close to them.

She later made a blanket apology for the way that her OfflineTV friends got involved, and she also said that she'd likely be taking a break from her streaming and social media career. 

"Needless to say I'm probably going to take a short break from streaming. I know people want to continue speculating but at the very least, please don't spread any more hurt to anyone. I am already heartbroken," she continued. "I still love and care about my friends and Albie very much."

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Albert has not yet responded online to the breakup news, or the way that his housemates spoke about him. The OfflineTV founder also commented on the recent drama in the online community, and how it has affected them.

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What does their breakup mean for OfflineTV?

Though LilyPichu said that she still cares for Albert, it doesn't mean that their breakup was exactly amicable. More and more rumors are circulating that Albert began dating someone else behind LilyPichu's back, which is why their housemates took sides so quickly. 

William "Scarra" Lee co-founded OfflineTV and is a popular gamer on Twitch. During a Nov. 11 gaming video, he talked about the real reason why his community spoke out in defense of LilyPichu.

Source: Instagram
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"I see a lot of comments really just s--tting on my friends, which feels really bad. I see people essentially saying that OTV [OfflineTV] and their friends subtweet a lot to get clout, and all that s--t, and I just think it’s insane that you would think that people do that to get clout,” he said. 

Scarra also confirmed that he would not be making any personal statements on the matter, and he said that streamers have a tendency to overshare, which is how the drama began in the first place. 

"It was just handled improperly in this situation when it came to us, and overall I think that it was really, really poorly handled," he continued. "The most important thing in this situation is that I think until more information gets put out, no one jumps to any conclusions."

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for Albert's response to the ordeal.

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