Becky Bliefnick Was Murdered by Her Husband and Left Behind Three Young Sons

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jan. 22 2024, Published 3:59 p.m. ET

In May 2023, Timothy Bliefnick was convicted of murdering his estranged wife Rebecca Bliefnick and was given a life sentence. Becky, to those who knew her, was 40 years old and the mother of three young boys. According to NBC News, this was the horrific final actions of a man who had been abusing his wife for years. It got so bad, that she attempted to file an emergency restraining order against him but was denied because they were in the process of getting a divorce.

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Becky wasn't to obtain a protection order because the abuse in question was psychological. "Nobody believed her because you can’t see emotional abuse," her sister Sarah Reilly told the outlet. "You can’t see what happens behind closed doors. You can’t see manipulation." Unfortunately, Becky couldn't escape her husband, but her kids have found the next best place. What happened to Becky Bliefnick's children? They are somewhere safe.

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What happened to Becky Bliefnick's children? They are being cared for by her sister.

"We lost Becky, but they lost their mother and their father," said Sarah to ABC 7 KHQA seven months after her sister was killed. Their family continued to reassemble their lives in a way that made sense, focusing on her children as a way to heal. They do this by trying to maintain a sense of normalcy. Unfortunately, what's missing from their lives is difficult to forget.

Reilly told KHQA, "A football game is a normal thing to do. Watching the boys play. But, the key component of that puzzle is missing." In the victim impact statements obtained by Muddy River News, members of Becky's family were determined to remind Timothy about the children whose lives he destroyed. "They are already suffering, crying for their mother that they wish would walk through the door to take them home to the life they once knew and loved," wrote Sarah.

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Sarah went on to discuss the trauma inflicted upon them by the actions of their own father. This was echoed by Sarah's husband, Brett Reilly. He spoke of Timothy's 5-year-old son Arlin who "profoundly misses his Mommy and whose life is now forever altered in unfair, unfathomable ways by losing" her. The couple's 10-year-old son Grayson was still waking up in the night, crying for his mother. Their oldest son Deacon would never again see his loudest cheerleader and most ardent supporter.

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Timothy Bliefnick maintains his innocence, but it falls on deaf ears.

Four months after he was convicted of murdering Becky, Timothy was interviewed by Erin Moriarty for an episode of 48 Hours. He certainly says all the right things and even sheds a couple of tears, while insisting he didn't do it. "The idea of murdering someone, let alone the mother of my kids … is not any part of who I am," he told Erin. However, the evidence was very compelling.

At the crime scene, authorities found pieces of shredded plastic they later identify as Aldi bags. The popular grocery store was frequented by the Bliefnick family and when police searched Timothy's home, they located a stack of bags. They deduced the torn bags were left when the killer covered the gun in order to silence it. Later, they would find cell phone searches on Timothy's phone asking about how to make a "homemade pistol silencer."

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After investigators were able to get into Timothy's Facebook account, they found a fake account under the name John Smith. He used it to look at a bike for sale, which resembled a discarded bike found less than half a block from Timothy's house. There was video footage of someone riding a bike in front of Becky's house the night of the murder.

Timothy broke into Becky's house by prying open their son Deacon's bedroom window. A similar crowbar was found at Timothy's house. An expert testified during his trial that "while there were microscopic consistencies, she couldn't say with scientific certainty that that crowbar made those marks." Finally, spent shell casings were found in Timothy's home, 27 of which matched the gun used to kill Becky.

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