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Source: paramount

Tensions Rise on 'Yellowstone' and Fans Fear for Their Favorite Characters' Lives


Paramount recently released a clip for an upcoming episode of Yellowstone and it teases a lot of tension between Beth and Monica. In the teaser, we see Beth discussing the horrifying beatdown she sustained at the hands of the Beck brothers with Monica.

The scene was a difficult one to watch — and a lot of people saw it. "Resurrection Day" clocked in a whopping 5.4 million viewers, which makes sense, not just because of what happened to Beth, but because the stakes were raised so high.

The Beck's attack on the Duttons officially set the stage for a war between the two families, and the relief that viewers felt when Rip came and saved Beth was palpable.

What's really surprising is how Beth handled the aftermath of her assault when discussing it with Monica. While at the family ranch, Beth insists that the Duttons are just trying to protect what's theirs. 

At the end of their intense discussion, it becomes clear that they are going to do whatever it takes to take the fight to the rival family.