Tensions Rise on 'Yellowstone' and Fans Fear for Their Favorite Characters' Lives

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Aug. 15 2019, Updated 3:10 p.m. ET

beth dutton on yellowstone
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Paramount recently released a clip for an upcoming episode of Yellowstone and it teases a lot of tension between Beth and Monica. In the teaser, we see Beth discussing the horrifying beatdown she sustained at the hands of the Beck brothers with Monica.

The scene was a difficult one to watch — and a lot of people saw it. "Resurrection Day" clocked in a whopping 5.4 million viewers, which makes sense, not just because of what happened to Beth, but because the stakes were raised so high.

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The Beck's attack on the Duttons officially set the stage for a war between the two families, and the relief that viewers felt when Rip came and saved Beth was palpable.

What's really surprising is how Beth handled the aftermath of her assault when discussing it with Monica. While at the family ranch, Beth insists that the Duttons are just trying to protect what's theirs. 

At the end of their intense discussion, it becomes clear that they are going to do whatever it takes to take the fight to the rival family.

What happened to Beth on Yellowstone?

Did I mention that the scene was difficult to watch? Because it was. Beth was savagely assaulted. She was tied to a chair and struck in the face repeatedly until she bled, which caused her right eye to swell up. 

After all of the violence was dished out to her, the Beck goon cuts her from the chair. Although it isn't depicted on screen, it's implied that she was raped, possibly repeatedly, right before Rip comes in to lay waste to the Beck family.

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The beatdown set up a chilling promise from John that they're going to kill the Becks; which has fans amped for the conclusion of the season.

While there's a conflict between the Becks and the Duttons, there's also some internal strife in the Beck family as well.

Why does Beth hate her brother Jamie?

The tension between the two characters was set up in Season 1, and Season 2 only saw more vitriol from Beth toward her brother.

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She's constantly insulting Jamie, until she finally tells him to just kill himself. So what's her beef with her sibling? The answer lies in a "Behind the Story" feature about the show and relationships between the characters.

Actress Kelly Reilly said that it all has to do with fact that Jamie doesn't embody the values of the Duttons:

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"Kind of understand what's important to Beth, which is loyalty and selflessness, and they are two things that Jamie doesn't hold within himself. He's incapable of it, in her mind. That particular scene when he is full of his own demons of what he's done, he sees himself and she says, 'You now see yourself the way I've always seen you.'"

That assessment of Jamie does seem a bit unfair, but actor Wes Bentley shed some light on some off-camera stuff that may give some insight into why Beth dislikes him so much:

"There's obviously something big for Beth that Jamie did that I'm not fully certain Jamie's aware of... I get the feeling that what Beth feels like happened, Jamie might not even have any idea that whatever happened had this kind of impact."

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It seems kind of weird that Jamie never challenges her assessment of his character in the show either. Will there be a big betrayal in the Dutton family at the end of Season 2? Will Jamie be behind it?

Who is going to die in Season 2 of Yellowstone?

A lot of fans of the show believe that a major character will be killed off, but who?

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Some fans think the showrunners are planning a gnarly demise for Beth, but the plot and character arc portends a rather tragic end for Monica. Things with her family seemed secure, especially her position with the family ranch. But at the end of a recent episode, the series villain Malcolm Beck, moves Tate's photo (Monica's son) and leaves her face exposed.

So will Monica be killed off? Or is Malcolm going after Tate? We'll have to see what happens as Season 2 winds down. Are you excited?

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