Fox 29 TV Personality Bob Kelly Got Punched in the Face on the Jersey Shore

According to reports, Fox 29 TV personality Bob Kelly got punched in the face while hosting an event on the Jersey Shore. Here's what happened.


Aug. 1 2023, Published 9:39 a.m. ET

The gist:

  • Philadelphia TV host Bob Kelly was assaulted in an incident that occurred on July 30, 2023, at a bar on the Jersey Shore.
  • He was hosting an event at The Oar House when a young man poured water on Bob's head and then proceeded to punch him in the face.
  • The assailant was caught, and an ambulance arrived to tend to Bob's minor injuries.
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Following a wave of posts about the incident on social media, news outlets are reporting that Bob Kelly, a prominent Philadelphia area TV host who works for Fox 29, was recently assaulted. The incident occurred on July 30, 2023, on the Jersey Shore at a bar called the Oar House.

Following news that Bob was assaulted, many wanted to learn more about what happened to him, and whether the injuries he sustained were serious. Here's what we know.

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What happened to Bob Kelly from Fox 29?

According to reporting in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Bob was hosting an event at a venue called The Oar House when a young man filmed himself pouring water on Kelly's shoulder and head. When Kelly noticed and attempted to swat the drink away, the man who was filming punched Bob in the face. After Bob was punched, the incident apparently spilled out of the bar and onto the street, where security chased down the man who punched Bob.

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Police and an ambulance also arrived on the scene, and the man was eventually caught two blocks from the bar. The man in question is apparently a local to the town of Sea Isle, where the incident occurred.

Bob's injuries didn't require stitches, but they did glue up his face like they do for major athletes who are hurt during the course of their games.

Bob took a day off after the incident and then returned to the air.

Following a day off to recover from his injury, Bob returned to the air on Aug. 1, 2023, to thank those who had offered him support following the news of the incident.

“I just want to say first of all thank you so much for all of the messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, cell phone texting, all concerned about me,” Bob said.

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“I’m OK, I’m here," he added. "It was a frightening, disturbing event that was apparently incited by this TikTok challenge similar to what you saw happen to Cardi B with the water being thrown. It’s under investigation and I’m just going to leave it at that but I hope this can bring some light to this craziness that is out there and put a stop to it.”

Bob was referring an incident at a concert on July 29 in Las Vegas where water was thrown at Cardi B, and she threw a mic in response.

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Given that the man was filming when he poured water on Bob, it seems possible that the incident was part of a TikTok challenge. The challenge isn't meant to include a punch after the water is poured, but technically the prank is a form of assault and people all have different reactions when something unexpected happens.

Given the consequences people are experiencing in response the TikTok water trend, which include having mics thrown at them and being arrested, it might make sense for the trend to stop before something even more serious happens. For now, though, we can just be grateful that Bob is fine. He will just have to recover from what might be a pretty nasty black eye.

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