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'Finding Bigfoot' Hunter, Bobo, Is Still on the Search for the Mythical Creature



It's easy to scoff at people who are excited about paranormal or monstrous finds that defy normal logic. Heck, I have tons of people who take me aside all of the time and say, "Hey, c'mon, so the stuff on Ghost Hunters, it's fake, right?"

I'm sure that James "Bobo" Fay on Finding Bigfoot deals with the same questions from incredulous viewers too. And fans of the show want to know what happened to the sasquatch hunter.

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While I can't speak for the veracity of all paranormal shows, I say that an easy way to know whether or not something's faked is to gauge the enthusiasm someone has for finding the truth about whatever subject they're pursuing. On GH, we work hard to make sure everything's kosher and get very stoked about debunking claims too. Sure, they aren't as cool as finding a ghost, but the truth always wins.

Bobo, despite being a colorful character, is extremely passionate about his Bigfoot research.

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So what happened to Bob on 'Finding Bigfoot'?

The Manhattan Beach, Calif. native has been fascinated with sasquatch his entire life. When he was a college student and wasn't attending courses or doing homework, he was out in the woods looking for evidence of the infamous hairy creature. After he was done with his studies, he started getting work as a logger and positioned himself to work with Native American crews to learn more about the legends surrounding the mythical being.

He strategically took jobs and gigs that would allow him to get closer to cracking the Bigfoot riddle. Whether it was building roads along Northern California or becoming a commercial fisherman in the region, Bobo has dedicated his life to obtaining evidence of the beast.

He says his first sighting occurred in 2001 when he was on the hunt for Bigfoot with fellow enthusiast John Freitas.

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For now, he continues to work as a commercial fisherman and takes on other odd jobs in Northern California which allows him to talk to people and hear their eyewitness accounts of the creature in the hopes of getting definitive proof of Bigfoot's existence once and for all.

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Bobo lost a lot of weight.

Recently, Bobo was the keynote speaker at a paranormal symposium at the Starved Rock Lodge toward the end of January 2020. Fans who were used to seeing him on the show were also startled to see Bobo's weight loss transformation, and he appeared to be more "fit" during the event. He also cut his trademark long hair, but still has a penchant for his "Sasquatch" themed hats.

Finding Bigfoot ultimately ended on May 27, 2018. The Animal Planet series finished after some 100 episodes on air with a two-hour grand finale.

Bobo and his crew never did find Sasquatch on the show, but Bobo has said recently that evidence of the mythical monster is actually here and he's ready to share it.

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Will 'Finding Bigfoot' come back on TV?

During the "History & Mystery Weekend" event Bobo spoke at, he shared recordings he claims were noises made by Bigfoot, and shared photos from his travels in search of the monster. He also said that he's currently in talks with networks and that there might be a pick-up of the show, so if you've been jonesing for a new season, you just may be in luck!

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Finding Bigfoot is currently streaming on Animal Planet (you'll need a TV service subscription) and Hulu.

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