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Is 'The Curse of Oak Island' Coming Back on the Air?



The Curse of Oak Island on the History channel first debuted back in January 2014 to take a look into one of the most persistent mysteries surrounding the body of land located in Chester, Canada.

Since the 1700s, throngs of adventurers have traveled to the area and have scoured the watery depths around the island in search of what happened to the lost treasure that was supposedly buried there.

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The Lagina Brothers, Marty and Rick, who are at the center of the show surrounding the Oak Island mystery, have spent a whopping 101 episodes across seven seasons in an attempt to get to the bottom of the island and its secrets. While they haven't discovered the fabled treasure: doubloons, gold, gems, jewels, and other stuff you'd imagine in a pirate movie, they have uncovered some pretty amazing archaeological finds. 

Source: History
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The artifacts the duo was able to unearth from the almost mythical spot off the shoreline have only lit a greater fire under their butts and have kept audiences intrigued as to what they'll find next. Are Marty and Rick closer than ever to finding the treasure? Or are there only artifacts to speak of on Oak Island, remnants of past lives that hold great historical significance, but aren't the blingtacular goodness that most folks are tuning in for?

Will 'The Curse of Oak Island' return?

From the commission of the show's second season, it was pretty evident that the History channel was high on the show and the work both the Lagina brothers along with the production team were doing. Starting off with only five episodes for its first season, the show got 10 for its second, 13 for its third, 16 for its fourth, 19 for its fifth, and a whopping 23 for its sixth season.

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That only typically happens when a show is doing well, so many believed that the network was going to push for a seventh season, which was exactly the case. Season 7's first episode premiered on Nov. 5, 2019 and was going strong with one episode a week all the way up until Dec. 17.

After taking a few weeks off, History brought the show back on Jan. 7, and then took another week off after Feb. 11.

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If you're getting Oak Island withdrawal, however, fret not. Episodes 14 and 15, "The 99" and "Burnt Offering" will both be played on Tuesday, Feb. 25, for a treasure-hunting double feature.

Currently, the duo is on the hunt for the 90-foot stone's location, which they were convinced was buried somewhere at the Dartmouth Heritage Museum.

The preview for Episode 14 reveals that after trekking out there, the team couldn't find it, but Rick is adamant about pushing ahead in their search. The episode will pick up from the moment Gary Drayton discovered the spine of a ship, which the gang thinks is from the 1700s and was once used in crafting a wharf.

But because they're exploring what is essentially "uncharted" areas, they're dealing with all sorts of obstacles, like the weather.

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Source: History

Hurricane Dorian has flooded the swamp they're searching with water, and, after draining it, the team, along with their geologist, were shocked at the rock formations left behind. They believe that there's no logical explanation for the way the rocks formed in the swamp, which only adds further mystery and intrigue to their quest for the long lost treasure.

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Will 'The Curse of Oak Island' team ever find treasure?

That seems to be the prevalent question. While we're trained from countless treasure-seeking movies (Fool's Gold, anyone?) that perseverance pays off in about two hours, it's easy to forget the frustrating methodology and consistent failures that come with looking for buried treasure. But the team doesn't look like they're going to back off any time soon.

Source: History

So it looks like The Curse of Oak Island is definitely here to stay. You can check out the show on the History Channel Tuesdays, at 9 p.m. ET.

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