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Some 'Barnwood Builders' Fans Claim Brian Has Died — Is This True?



Brian Buckner first appeared on the Season 1 premiere of Barnwood Builders, and he immediately amazed fans with his lovable personality and exceptional sense of humor. But despite his fantastic quips and brilliant jokes, Brian garnered scrutiny for his lackadaisical approach to work, with many criticizing the star for his inability to carry out construction work with the same zeal as Alex Webb or Johnny Jett. Brian eventually left the show after just a few seasons. So, what happened?

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'Barnwood Builders' highlights "perseverance" and "fortitude."

As Mark Bowe, the owner of Barnwood Living and the producer and lead cast member of Barnwood Builders explained in a previous interview with Greenbrier Valley, the main aim of the ever-popular television documentary is to challenge existing misconceptions about "hillbillies" — and to shed light on the incredible craftsmanship that goes into the restoration of centuries-old barns and cabins. 

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"I want to champion West Virginia. I'd like to change the stereotype of the word "hillbilly." The network wouldn't let us use it the first season, but then truck drivers would be making deliveries to us and proudly identifying themselves as hillbillies. The network came around. I think it means strong ties to family and friends, a willingness to do hard work, and things like perseverance and fortitude," Mark explained. 

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According to a rumor, 'Barnwood Builders' star Brian Buckner has died.

As one of the best-known stars on the show, Brian championed an easy-going, joyful approach to life and work. Unfortunately for fans, he disappeared from the television documentary after just a few seasons. 

Not much is known about why Brian left. His departure is shrouded in mystery. Sources disagree on which season he left, and on more important matters, like what he has been up to since.

According to Republic World, Brian quit sometime around Season 3. TV Show Casts, Reality Star Facts, and his IMDb page state that he hasn't featured on the show since the Season 2 finale. 

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To add to the confusion, some fans have begun to circulate rumors about his tragic death. According to TV Show Casts, however, the obituary fueling this rumor concerns another person with the same name. 

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As sources like Wiki Celeb Info note, Brian is still very much alive — though he prefers to lead a private life these days. According to a tweet posted by the official Barnwood Builders account, Brian has moved away from the shooting location of the show. 

"Brian is no longer in the area Rick, so he he's too far away to work with us! We miss him a bundle. Hopefully one day he'll join us again," reads the tweet posted by BarnwoodTV

Fans miss Brian just the same.  

"I watch the show all the time and I was just wondering where Brian is. I've kind of missed seeing him on the show," tweeted a person. 

"Currently watching an episode from season one. I miss Brian," wrote someone else. 

Catch new episodes of Barnwood Builders every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on DIY Network. 

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