Brice Rhodes Had a Massive Band-Aid on His Head in Court — What's It For?


Dec. 19 2023, Published 10:12 a.m. ET

The Gist:

  • Brice Rhodes's head was the subject of much focus when his guilty verdict was read, as many noticed he had a band-aid on the back of his head.
  • The band-aid was never explained but could have been there because of acne on his head.
  • Rhodes was found guilty on Dec. 18, 2023, of all charges against him, including the murder of three teenage boys in 2016.
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The verdict is in. Brice Rhodes, the man accused of murdering three teenage boys with the help of other teenage boys, has been found guilty of all three murders, as well as some other related charges. Following the reading of his verdict, though, many still had questions about Rhodes, who is now likely to be incarcerated for the rest of his life.

Rhodes was described as the "mastermind" behind the killing of Christopher Jones in 2016, and then of torturing and murdering brothers Larry Ordway and Maurice Gordon because he believed they were telling people about Jones's death. He was a mystery to some in the courtroom for a very specific reason. Why was he wearing a band-aid on his head?

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What happened to Brice Rhodes's head?

Many noticed that when the verdict against Rhodes was being read, he had a massive band-aid on the back of his head. The exact reasons for that band-aid remain unclear, although it's worth noting that Rhodes also seemed to be suffering from an outbreak of acne across his head. It's possible that that band-aid was placed on his head because some of the acne was bleeding or painful, or as a way to pre-emptively treat some of it.

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It's also possible that Rhodes was assaulted while incarcerated, although that explanation seems less likely given that he didn't appear to have any other visible signs of injury. Most likely, the band-aid was put there in response to his acne, and probably shouldn't take too much attention away from the heinous crimes that he has now been convicted of.

Brice Rhodes's defense couldn't convince a jury.

Although Rhodes's defense attorney claimed that the Louisville Police Department had focused on his client at the exclusion of a broader investigation, the jury ultimately wasn't won over by those claims.

Much of the trial focused on Gordon and Ordway's deaths, who were allegedly brought to Rhodes's home in May 2016 and beaten in turn before ultimately being stabbed to ensure they wouldn't discuss the Jones murder.

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Rhodes was charged with three counts of murder, tampering with physical evidence, abuse of a corpse, and receiving stolen property. He was found guilty on all six charges. While he has yet to be sentenced, given the verdict, he could face life in prison following the trial.

Rhodes, who has a history of lashing out in court, was calm and restrained following the news of the verdict. His case has become a subject of fascination in some corners of the internet and on TikTok, in large part because of the salacious and horrific nature of the crimes committed.

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