Davi Crimmins' Departure From 'The Bert Show' Has Radio Listeners Across the U.S. Shocked

What happened to Davi Crimmins on 'The Bert Show'? Unpacking the shocking reasoning behind why the radio host has left the popular program.

Chris Barilla - Author

Jul. 11 2022, Published 2:10 p.m. ET

With a reach that extends to 24 major markets across the U.S., The Bert Show is a true force to be reckoned with in radio. Starring Bert Weiss, Kristin Klingshirn, Davi Crimmins, and Moe Mitchell, the program broadcasts from Atlanta and has had legions of listeners tune in since its inception in 2001.

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Over the years, the faces behind The Bert Show have become as iconic as the show itself, but there appears to have been a major changeup as of late with Davi.

So, what happened to Davi on The Bert Show? Here's what we know about the situation.

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What happened to Davi Crimmins on 'The Bert Show'?

Bert took to the air in June 14, 2022, to announce that Davi had been let go from The Bert Show. The comedian has been a member of the show's cast since 2018 and served as a producer prior to that, so the news that she left the show had listeners shocked.

"For reasons I cannot detail on the show, this is the move I painstakingly chose to make," he vaguely explained during that broadcast (per The Atlanta Journal-Constitution) of why Davi was taken off of the show. "Some of you guys will get it twisted and assume that Davi must have been the problem. I assure you with all sincerity that is simply not the truth. In my eyes, the spirit of a studio is defined by all its members so this is not just a Davi issue and that’s why she’s not here anymore... We all have a responsibility in this."

Bert noted that the decision was difficult, but necessary to get the show "back on a consistent, positive environment."

"This by far is the most painful change we’ve had because it is so deeply personal," Bert said during his show. "Chemistry is everything when it comes to this job. If the chemistry sucks off the air, eventually you’ll hear it on the air but this has little to do with the on-air product. It has to do with people being happy at work."

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The host added: "The chemistry in this studio has gotten to a point that wasn’t healthy. As much as I tried to fix it, the problem has existed for a while and it comes and it goes too often."

Specifically, Bert mentioned a tweet that Davi posted on June 8, 2022, that read "my proudest moment? this week when my therapist said 'wow…you have a very high tolerance for suffering.'"

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He said that he assumed the tweet was about work on the show and "it sincerely broke my heart for her."

Bert added, "I have tried my best to navigate a super tricky situation with hopes we could keep this thing together as is for you guys but also for us. What this team has on the air is a very special thing and I held on tightly with the hopes we could keep this magic as is.”

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But it doesn't appear like there's any bad blood, at least on his side: "She is tremendously talented," Bert said. "She makes me laugh harder than any person that has ever sat in that seat. I know you guys love her too... I am deeply protective of Davi... There are no good guys and there are no bad guys in this thing. It’s just a mix that wasn’t working anymore and I hope you guys can understand that."

He also noted that he would not be commenting further on the situation beyond what he shared on the air.

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Shortly after, Davi posted a statement sharing her side, and it was quite vague as well.

"I’m as shocked and disappointed as our listeners," she wrote on Instagram on June 17. "I have put forth every effort to solve the chemistry issue and improve the off air relationship. My efforts were noticed and complimented by management. I wish I had more answers for our listeners but at this time I’m going to concentrate on my next move. A huge thank you for the overwhelming support to all my fans!"

Later that month, she posted another message: "I believe the announcement of my termination from The Bert Show was misleading. With that in mind I can not, in good conscience, carry on with the Broadly Speaking podcast under Bert Weiss’s podcasting label, Pionaire. Unfortunately, The Broadly Speaking podcast contract has been terminated and there will be no new episodes. I want to thank all my fans for 6 years of support, streaming our podcast, multiple live recordings, & so much loving feedback over the years! I can not wait to crack the mic on a new adventure!”

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Although fans may be upset that Davi is no longer a part of The Bert Show, those who love her comedic sensibilities can still check her out on one of her many 2022 tour dates. As for the future of The Bert Show without Davi, fans will simply have to wait and see how the chemistry among the show's remaining hosts continues to evolve.

Meanwhile, you can also check out what listeners are saying on Reddit as far as speculation about Davi's departure, as fans have many theories.

"The truth is Davi wasn’t afraid to call out his s--t and Bert didn’t like it," one user wrote.

"...maybe Davi was cut for budgetary reasons," someone else pondered.

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