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Source: NBC

Dr. Romano From 'ER' Was the Show’s Best Villain, but He Totally Got What Was Coming to Him


Before Grey’s Anatomy came along and sucked in millions of fans for what would be almost two decades (and counting), there was ER. The medical drama was the perfect blend of wild medical cases and dramatic storylines to make you fully invested in the lives of fictional doctors, some of whom were played by actors who would go on to land even more impressive roles. And because everyone loved to hate him, it’s hard not to wonder what happened to Dr. Romano after the show ended in 2009.

So, what happened to Dr. Romano on 'ER'?

Although the show came to an end in 2009 after 15 seasons of dramatic bliss, Dr. Romano’s long-running character was killed off in Season 10. He had spent years as the premier antagonist of the series and even though a bad guy is a necessary evil on dramas, his death was a long time coming. So when he had a fatal run-in with a helicopter of all things, it was the definitive goodbye to Dr. Romano.