Ed Henry and Karyn Turk Have Been Benched at News Network Real America's Voice

Real America's Voice anchors Ed Henry and Karyn Turk have been benched by the network, leading some to wonder what happened to them.


Aug. 11 2023, Published 10:01 a.m. ET

After a stint hosting American Sunrise on Real America's Voice, Ed Henry and Karyn Turk have both been absent from the show. Ed and Karyn have been two of the show's regular hosts for some time, so their absence has left many alarmed and wondering what exactly happened to them.

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As it turns out, Ed and Karyn have both been benched by the network as of Aug. 7, 2023, and it seems unlikely that they'll be returning as the show's regular hosts. Now, many fans of American Sunrise, and of Ed and Karyn in particular, are wondering what led to a fallout with the network.

What happened to Ed Henry and Karyn Turk?

According to reporting in Mediaite, Ed left the network after he received an offer to work for another news network and Real America's Voice found out about it. When Ed suggested that he may be leaving the network, he was reminded that his contract doesn't expire until November 2023.

“Ed Henry received a promising job offer, and he was actively engaged in real discussions with Real America’s Voice to find an amicable solution,” a source said.

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“The situation took an unexpected turn when Rob Sigg, owner of RAV, made the abrupt decision to sideline Ed and prevent him from pursuing the new opportunity," the source continued. "Despite Ed’s efforts to resolve the matter, RAV has been enforcing the contract while effectively benching him and attempting to impede his new deal.”

According to the source, everyone was kept out of the loop about the decision to pull Ed from the air.

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“Astonishingly, neither the fans nor the sponsors were informed of this change," the source said. "Ed Henry and Karyn Turk were left completely in the dark, only learning of their ousting when contacted by the RAV attorney, leaving both hosts astonished and disheartened by the unexpected shift in their roles.”

Karyn found out she was being sidelined on her day off.

In an interview with Mediaite, Karyn said that she discovered she was being pushed to the sideline on her day off.

“I was told by the ownership that changes were being made and that others would be hosting during my vacation,” she said. “I’ve had no other communication about the future of our show or the network’s decision. I have had a lot of communication with our viewers on social media and remain touched by the amount of support from our audience.”

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The news that Ed has been benched also comes amid continued legal turmoil for the former Fox News host. He's currently being sued by former Fox producer Jennifer Eckhart, who has accused him of sexual assault. He was also arrested for a DUI on June 20, 2023, although he managed to avoid jail time related to that charge. It was also revealed, even though Ed is married, Karyn was the one in the car with him during the DUI incident, although she insists the two aren't dating. She explained that they had been at a business dinner.

It seems like this contract dispute could continue for some time, so it's unclear if the hosts will ever return to American Sunrise. In the meantime, the show is being hosted by David Brody and Miranda Kahn.

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