YouTuber EDP445 Had His Channel Shut Down Over Incredibly Serious Allegations


May 24 2023, Published 2:42 p.m. ET

Although there are some on platforms like YouTube who gained notoriety because of their expertise or interest in a specific topic, there are others who gained popularity by bringing their whole selves to their channels. One of those people was EDP445, whose real name is Deyione Scott-Wilson Eason.

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EDP445 first joined YouTube in 2010, and his channel was taken down by YouTube in 2021. Now, many want to know what happened to Deyione, and why his channel was ultimately removed.

What happened to EDP445?

After a decade spent posting videos about gaming, cooking, and his love for the Philadelphia Eagles, Deyione was accused in July 2020 of having intimate conversations with underage girls. A number of messages surfaced that featured him texting 15 and 16-year-old girls, asking them to help him in various sexual acts. He initially claimed that the messages were jokes in a video posted that month.

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Allegations continued to surface in the months that followed, and other YouTubers began to look into Deyione as well. He always refuted the allegations, claiming that he had been catfished (it isn't clear how that would make things better).

Ultimately, Deyione was caught red-handed by a pair of YouTubers who specialize in hunting pedophiles, Alex Rosen and Chet Goldstein (the internet is wild!).

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In a video posted to their channel, they confront Deyione over messages he sent to a decoy who was posing as a 13-year-old girl. The messages included explicit language and pictures sent by Deyione to this decoy, which seemed to prove definitively that all of the allegations against him were true.

The video was posted on April 20, 2021, and immediately went viral online. Deyione made all of his videos private shortly afterward, and his channel was taken down by YouTube after that.

What has EDP445 been up to since his channel came down?

Although his YouTube channel was taken down, Deyione has continued to be active on various social platforms in the years since. Most recently, his account was removed from TikTok in February 2023. He continues to post streams to his own websites, and has also been interviewed on other YouTubers' channels. In March 2023, a video was posted that seemed to be Deyione declaring that the sting he was caught in was fake.

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Eventually, though, it was revealed that the video was actually generated by AI and wasn't real.

Deyione has also been subjected to rumors that he was suffering from kidney disease and in bad health. These rumors turned out to be untrue as well, and Deyione has refuted them repeatedly and publicly.

Despite all the things he has been accused of, Deyione continues to post about sports and cooking, although he no longer has the following that he did when he was at the peak of his fame. He's now talking to a much smaller audience, one that feels they can ignore the many credible allegations that he currently has against him.

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