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Fetty Potter Is Facing Serious Accusations — And It's Getting Really Ugly on Social Media


Jason Semmel, aka Fetty Potter, seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth — or at least, the face of the internet. Fetty Potter, who's best known for his skateboarding videos on Braille Skateboarding's YouTube channel (which has 4.3 million subscribers) and his own YouTube channel (which has 95.7k subscribers) is an Oakland, CA native, and has been skating since 2002. 26-year-old Fetty also has a sizable social following, with over 240k followers on Instagram. But it's since been wiped. Why would the skater delete everything on his Instagram account? His Twitter account, @jasonsemmel, has also been deleted. 

So...what's going on with Fetty Potter? Why did he delete his accounts?

According to reddit, Jason Semmel was in a relationship with a 14-year-old girl, which is considered statutory rape — by law. The reddit thread links out to another gossip/chat forum thread on Slap Magazine titled "Braille Employs Sexual Predators?" User maxi-pad asked, "Any substance to these claims? Are we even surprised?" Lando Primo posted, "I'm not going to jump on board with calling someone a perv without having more proof than a pic of a skater standing next to a cop (like that's uncommon) and story that's not confirmed to go with it." What's real? Right now, we're going off of claims made by the victim's alleged mom.