Franchise Mode Isn't Gone — It's Just Having More Bugs in 'Madden 24'

Sara Belcher - Author

Dec. 11 2023, Published 6:26 p.m. ET

Madden 24
Source: EA

The Gist:

  • Franchise mode stopped appearing on startup for some Madden 24 players, leaving them confused as to if the mode had been removed from the game.
  • Franchise mode was not removed from Madden 24.
  • It was down for a short time for maintenance but should be back up for most players.
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Despite Madden 24 releasing in August, the game has continued to have problems with Franchise mode. Since the game launched, players have reported issues with the game mode, reporting various bugs online and requesting for the devs to make the necessary adjustments.

But despite its many flaws, some players still try to make the most out of the game mode, which is why when it disappeared from the start-up screen, it left many scratching their heads.

Thankfully, it seems like there are some ways to get the mode to appear in your game if it's still not showing up for you — the developers have not removed it from the title completely. Here is what happened to franchise mode in Madden 24 and how you can fix it and get back to playing.

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Madden 24
Source: EA

Why can't I see Franchise mode when I start 'Madden 24'?

Following some maintenance, many players were reporting that when they signed back onto the game, the buggy mode was missing. Though Franchise mode is still far from perfect, for some players, it's still a mode they reach for when picking the game up. Starting on Dec. 6, Madden 24 players began posting to Reddit that Franchise mode was not appearing when they signed on to the game.

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From the replies from other Redditors, it doesn't seem as though the developers made the decision to remove the mode — it's just a bug that users are finding a way to work around. According to multiple reports, putting your game into offline mode before opening it up has made the mode appear again in-game. It seems to have something to do with the game's connection to the internet, causing the mode to not appear.

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If you're still having issues getting the mode to appear, then it's possible the developers are still working on more patches for it, and you'll have to wait for maintenance to finish before being able to play it again.

Franchise mode is known to be one of the buggiest modes in the game — and despite being a mode that has continued to show up in each new installment, it's one that comes with a lot of issues.

Players have reported that members of their roster won't play, or that progressive fatigue continues to bench their players despite turning it off. It's a mode that has been called "underachieving" in critiques, and with the continued bugs, it's few players favorite.

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