What Exactly Happened to Freight Train on 'Tough as Nails'?

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Mar. 24 2021, Published 10:13 p.m. ET

What happened to Freight Train on Tough as Nails
Source: CBS

Last Wednesday, contestant Patrick Hargan (Freight Train) was eliminated from individual competitions on Tough as Nails. If you missed last week's episode or aren't sure why Freight Train was eliminated (or where he is, for that matter), here's a quick explanation and recap of the episode, "True Colors" ahead of tonight's newest episode of Tough as Nails.

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What happened to Freight Train on 'Tough as Nails'?

Freight Train partners up with Iraida to complete an individual challenge: To clean windows on a super dirty skyscraper in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Freight Train is scared of heights, so this really isn't an ideal situation for him. And it turns out that Freight Train is unable to complete the individual competition. "I can't hold myself," he says, and an ambulance comes to take him away. Phil Keoghan later appears and says that Freight Train has been eliminated from individual comps.

patrick freight train
Source: CBS
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At the end of the episode, fans didn't know whether or not Freight Train would be well enough to continue competing in the team challenges.

This isn't the first time a contestant has been eliminated. Back in late February, Mikey Eyebrows (Michael Guerriero) and Tara Alverson went home, but it was a different situation. Tara lost the first challenge because of an injury on her hand, but remained present for the team competition (on Tough as Nails, you can be eliminated from individual comps, but still be able to stay on the show and compete in the team challenges). However, she wasn't around in Episode 3.

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“As you know, Tara injured her hand and unfortunately she cannot continue in the competition. She has not been medically cleared," Phil explained. 

patrick lobster
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Mikey possibly got eliminated due to his shady behavior. In the second episode of Season 2, Mikey pushes lobster traps out of the way, and one of the stacks knocked into Freight Train. Freight Train ended up falling into the water off the back of a boat, which was pretty scary, since the traps could have fallen on Freight Train, which could have resulted in a huge injury. Luckily, Freight Train resurfaces, but still struggles to get out because there isn't a ladder.

Phil asked safety crew members to help out, and they successfully lift Freight Train out of the water. “That’s ridiculous, guys. Come on!” Freight Train says, and then addressed Mikey by saying, “Gotta do whatever you gotta do to win, is that what it is?” Mikey denied purposely sabotaging Freight Train, saying “You were in the way, bro. You gotta move."

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Mikey later added, “I didn’t mean to push him in the water. Honest, I didn’t see him. I had no passageway to go through. I gave it a push; I guess I pushed it a little too hard, then he went deep sea diving.” Mikey showed up in the next individual competition, but hasn't been seen since. The show hasn't explicitly stated why Mikey is gone,  although Phil said they reviewed the footage and are considering the incident an accident.

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“We definitely reviewed it. We had it covered from many, many angles. We wanted to be convinced that it was unintentional. If it had been intentional, we would have to deal with it. Exactly how we would have administered a penalty, I’m not sure," Phil said. So then why did Mikey get eliminated if there was no penalty? So far, no word from Phil or Mikey. 

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