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The reality competition series Tough as Nails places contestants at real-world job sites and tests their strength, endurance, life skills, and mental toughness with a series of tasks. At the end of the season, one contestant is crowned the Tough as Nails champion and wins the grand prize of $200,000 and a Ford truck.

Hosted by Phil Keoghan, Tough as Nails eliminates one contestant each episode until there is a winner. 

Network: CBS

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Where to Watch: CBS All Access, Hulu

Most Recent

  • Rob Mariano
    Reality TV

    Is Boston Rob About to Make an Appearance on 'Tough as Nails'?

    Is Boston Rob on 'Tough as Nails'? The star has a past in construction work — but is he about to let his skills shine on 'Tough as Nails'? Details.
    By Leila Kozma
  • Phil Keoghan

    TV Host Phil Keoghan Produces Shows With His Whole Family

    Phil Keoghan has hosted shows like 'The Amazing Race' and 'Tough As Nails,' for years. He's even a producer, but what is his net worth?
    By Kori Williams
  • 'Tough As Nails' Title card

    Where Does Hit Competition Series 'Tough As Nails' Film?

    The CBS hit competition series 'Tough As Nails' is back, but fans want to know, where is it filmed? Here's what we know about where the show taped.
    By Allison DeGrushe
  • 'Tough as Nails'

    Think You've Got What It Takes to Be on 'Tough as Nails'? Here's How to Apply

    Where can you find the 'Tough as Nails' application? Learn more about how to apply to be on the CBS reality TV series and the requirements.
    By Michelle Stein
  • What happened to Freight Train on Tough as Nails

    What Exactly Happened to Freight Train on 'Tough as Nails'?

    If you're wondering why "Freight Train" (Patrick Hargan) isn't on 'Tough as Nails,' here's an explanation.
    By Gina Vaynshteyn
  • Tough As Nails cast

    The CBS Competition Series 'Tough As Nails' Wasn't Filmed During the Pandemic

    When was 'Tough As Nails' filmed and where were the challenges shot? Host Phil Keoghan reveals behind-the-scenes details.
    By Allison Cacich
  • Tough As Nails cast

    Meet the Badass 'Tough as Nails' Season 1 Cast

    The new show 'Tough as Nails' premieres tonight on CBS. Here's a rundown of the entire 'Tough as Nails' cast and what you can expect from this season.
    By Gina Vaynshteyn
  • Tough As Nails cast

    Who Wins 'Tough As Nails'? Fans Think These Two Contestants Have the Best Shot

    'Tough As Nails' Season 1 winner: the competition comes down to Danny Moody, Kelly "Murph" Murphy, Callie Cattell, Linda Goodridge, and Myles V. Polk.
    By Allison Cacich
  • Angel Castillo
    Reality TV

    Angel Castillo From 'Tough as Nails' Season 2 Wants to Inspire His Son

    Angel Castillo is a construction site manager who appears on the second season of the CBS reality show 'Tough As Nails.' Details on the contestant.
    By Kori Williams
  • Phil Keoghan, 'Tough as Nails'

    'Tough as Nails' Season 2 Is Airing Now on CBS, but When Did the Show Film?

    The second season of 'Tough as Nails' has brought more of the challenges that fans love, but when did the show film its new season?
    By Joseph Allen
  • 'Tough as Nails' Champion Kelly Murphy

    'Tough as Nails' Winner Kelly Murphy Works With Veterans at a Missouri University

    Who is 'Tough as Nails' winner Kelly Murphy? He's an ex-marine that helps veterans at the University of Central Missouri. Get the scoop.
    By Tatayana Yomary
  • 'Tough as Nails' Merryl Tengesdal

    'Tough as Nails' Contestant Merryl Tengesdal Is the Only Black Female U-2 Pilot

    'Tough as Nails' Merryl Tengesdal is the true epitome of a tough woman. She is the first Black woman to fly the Air Force U-2 Spy Plane.
    By Tatayana Yomary
  • Michael "Eyebrows" Guerriero
    Reality TV

    Mikey Eyebrows' Decision to Leave 'Tough as Nails' Came as a Surprise to Viewers

    Why exactly did Mikey Eyebrows leave 'Tough as Nails'? His departure mid-season thoroughly shocked many devout fans of the program.
    By Chris Barilla
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