George Janko Has Left 'Impaulsive' and Fans Want to Know Why


May 10 2023, Published 10:53 a.m. ET

For most of his career as an influencer and podcaster, George Janko has been closely tied to Logan Paul. The two have co-hosted the podcast "Impaulsive" alongside Mike Majlak for some time now. A rift seems to have formed between George and his former co-hosts and he's leaving the podcast.

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Now that we know George is leaving the show, many are wondering what led to George's decision and whether he's going to speak out about the situation.

What happened to George Janko on 'Impaulsive'?

George has unfollowed both Logan and Mike across social media platforms, and has stopped appearing on the show. Even with these shifts, there's still a great deal of mystery about exactly what happened with George and why he left "Impaulsive."

In a tweet posted at the end of April, George wrote, "I wasn't going to talk but now I am." This cryptic post only left more people curious about exactly what happened.

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Although it has been two weeks since George posted that tweet, as of this writing, he still hasn't come forward with a more full-throated explanation of why he left "Impaulsive." In fact, he hasn't even officially announced that he's leaving, although it seems clear that he is. The podcast has continued on without him, and George has posted interviews of his own on YouTube in the days since he disappeared from the podcast.

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For now, fans will just have to speculate as to exactly what happened between George and his former co-hosts. It seems like a more full-throated story may be coming at some point, but we don't know exactly when that will be or what it might focus on. George is interested in retaining a fairly broad audience, so he likely knows that many will be intrigued to hear all of the gossip.

George and Logan have had a falling out before.

Although it wasn't a major issue at the time, George was once on the wrong side of Logan's aggression when Logan said that he needed to see a therapist because he believed in God. George kept his composure on that episode and Logan issued an apology on the next episode. It seemed like the two of them had managed to move past the incident.

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George launched his own podcast shortly after that incident, but said that he wouldn't be leaving "Impaulsive." Instead, he planned to be on both shows. That plan seems to have changed and we don't have a good explanation as to why.

Until we get answers, fans will just have to speculate about why George decided to leave the show. If George does eventually explain why he left, it seems possible that Logan could also decide to weigh in, leading to some kind of back and forth as they both discuss how they perceived George's ultimate exit from the podcast.

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