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This Is the Harrowing Reason Behind Miguel Ferrer's Disappearance From 'NCIS: Los Angeles'


Owen Granger (Miguel Ferrer) was appointed as the assistant director of NCIS to supervise the work of the team and provide support for the OSP during Season 3 of NCIS: Los Angeles

But the brilliant character was written out of the show in the middle of Season 8, as part of a random decision that left fans of the show completely baffled. It's time we got to the bottom of the mysterious incident once and for all: What happened to Granger, NCIS: Los Angeles' stern assistant director?

So, what happened to Granger, 'NCIS: Los Angeles's former assistant director?

Owen Granger first appeared in Season 3 of NCIS: Los Angeles, in the episode titled "The Watchers." As Fandom reveals, he started out as a highly controversial, blasphemous character suspected of plotting conspiracies against various members of the team. 

Granger was Hetty's most efficient aid and fiercest competitor — someone powerful enough to try and replace her as the leader of the OSP — and a cantankerous co-worker voicing vehement criticism against Densi.