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Source: cbs

'NCIS: New Orleans' Fans Want to Know What Happened to LaSalle's Brother


A fan favorite character on NCIS: New Orleans was Christopher LaSalle's brother, Cade, who's played by Clayne Crawford. Audiences didn't just love the sibling banter between the two actors, Clayne really had an interesting take on playing someone who was afflicted with bipolar disorder. He gave the show's writers more than enough material to work with to construct a truly compelling narrative for the character, so what happened to him?

We were first introduced to Cade early on in the series when LaSalle tracked him down in their native home of Alabama. Interestingly enough, both Clayne and Lucas Black (the actor who plays Christopher LaSalle) are from Alabama themselves, which may have helped their natural on-screen chemistry. 

If Clayne's name sounds familiar, it's probably because he made headlines for all of the drama that occurred on Fox's Lethal Weapon series.