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Source: YouTube

Camryn Grimes May Be Guilty of Murder on New Episode of 'NCIS'


To add to the ever-growing guest star list to CBS's show NCIS, Camryn Grimes is set to guest star as a potential suspect on the new episode "Wide Awake." The episode follows a Marine Corporal with sleeping issues as the team tries to figure out whether she had a role in killing her husband. The suspect has been prescribed countless drugs to help with her sleeping problems and most recently sought hypnotherapy as a treatment. Is she guilty?

You know Camryn from The Young and the Restless.

If you watch The Young and the Restless, then you'll probably recognize Camryn instantly. She's been a part of the TV soap since 1997 when she was just seven. The show has been running since 1973, so she's only been there a fraction of the time that some of her fellow cast members have been a part of it, but the show has watched her grow up.