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"Mother Hen" Killed a Driver by Accident — What's Next for the '9-1-1' Character?


Season 3 of 9-1-1 hasn't been generous with Hen (Aisha Hinds). 

Too distracted by her ever-pressing marital difficulties, the paramedic and firefighter ended up speeding through an intersection with a fire engine and T-boned a car that appeared seemingly out of nowhere. But that's not the worst part. To Hen's utmost horror, the young musician driving the other vehicle died on the spot. 

The episode left viewers aghast, and not without reason. What happened to Hen on 9-1-1? Will she be okay?

What happened to Hen, 9-1-1's strongest character? 

Hailed by fans as the "Mother Hen," Henrietta Wilson (Aisha Hinds) is frequently perceived as the crew member to glue together the whole team, helping her colleagues afloat no matter how complicated or stressful the emergencies they are dealing with might be. 

A long-time favorite and one of the most popular characters, many viewers are having a hard time getting used to seeing Hen's more vulnerable, fallible side.