What Happened to Jordan on 'Sistas'? The Character Was Recast in Season 7

Sarah Walsh - Author

Jan. 4 2024, Published 10:51 a.m. ET

Sean Sagar on a production set
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Season 7 of Tyler Perry's show Sistas kicked off with a whirlwind of changes. The show introduced viewers to new storylines, fresh dynamics, and, notably, a recast of the character Jordan.

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The drama-comedy series's audience is grappling with Jordan's unexpected transformation. The character was recast — he was played by Sean Sagar in the past but is now being portrayed by actor Devin Way. So, what's the deal with the recast? Many fans are disappointed with the change and want answers. Here's what we know.

What happened to Jordan on 'Sistas'?

Cast members on 'Sistas'
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One of the most significant changes in Season 7 is the fact that Jordan's character was recast!

Previously portrayed by Sean Sagar, Devin Way is now playing Jordan, and not everyone is happy about the change.

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As Jordan, Devin takes on the challenging position of becoming Andi's new love interest, while also becoming a formidable adversary to Gary — played by Chido Nwokocha — who intends to disrupt Andi's career and personal life. The recast signals a shift in dynamics and adds an extra layer to the storyline.

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Source: Instagram/@officialseansagar
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The characters in 'Sistas' are facing some serious challenges and changes in Season 7.

Danni and Tony's relationship is solidified, Karen is preparing to open a new salon, and Sabrina has a new man named Rich.

Not to mention, Michael, Zac's son, is in foster care because of a police intervention.

Amid these developments, Andi and Jordan navigate their blossoming romance. Jordan's political aspirations add a layer of intrigue to the unfolding drama.

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Fans aren't loving the fact that Jordan's character was recast.

The recasting of Jordan hasn't been without controversy, as fans of Sistas have expressed mixed emotions about the change. Some fans have been particularly vocal about it. The idea that the new actor may not fit the mold of Andi's ideal love interest has led to skepticism and disappointment among viewers.

How the show handled the character recast has left fans perplexed. The show didn't acknowledge or explain the change within the storyline.

The abrupt transition between actors without addressing the change is leaving fans feeling disconnected.

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Sean took to Instagram to address the casting change.

In a Jan. 4 post on Instagram, Sean shared a video of him behind the scenes of the show. In the caption, he wrote, "To all my Sistas family, sorry I can’t be on your screens and be a part of this season! But I just want to say thank you for all the messages and love you’ve shown me.

"[It] honestly means more than you know. And hey, who knows what the future holds? Massive thank you to all the squad for making me feel so welcome."

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Per The Sun, the role of Jordan was recast because Sean scored a lead role on NCIS: Sydney, and there were scheduling conflicts with Sistas. Hey, at least it was for a great reason!

Despite the initial backlash, Devin Way is giving off good vibes.

While Jordan being recast was a bit jarring at first, it also provided an opportunity for the narrative to evolve and surprise audiences. As Season 7 unfolds, viewers can anticipate Devin infusing his own flair into the character and offering a fresh take on Jordan's role in the web of relationships and drama that defines the show!

The recasting of Jordan in Season 7 has undoubtedly stirred the pot, but Devin's portrayal brings a new energy to the character. The recast signals an exciting journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. Even though initial reactions have been mixed, we think Devin has a chance to win over Sistas fans.

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