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'The Kane Show' Was Abruptly Axed After a 14 Year Run — Here's Why



Many people listened to The Kane Show on their way to work, after dropping kids off at school, and while going about their morning routines. The iHeartRadio series had been airing on the station HOT 99.5 in Washington D.C., Tampa Bay, and Baltimore since 2006, and it was one of the most-listened to shows.

Since its beginning, the show has been hosted by Peter Deibler aka Kane. The on-air personality has become a celebrity among his avid listeners.  

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Without any warning, iHeartRadio announced on April 13 that the series would no longer be part of the weekly schedule. Instead, it was getting replaced by a new radio show, Your Morning Show. As if that wasn't enough to get listeners speculating as to what happened, all of Kane's former co-hosts on The Kane Show would be leading Your Morning Show.

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What happened to Kane from The Kane Show? There are rumors surrounding Kane's temper and his past arrest for domestic violence. Read on to find out about the accusations against the radio host, and why many believe this led to him getting pulled off the radio. 

What happened to Kane from 'The Kane Show'?

While listeners originally learned of The Kane Show's cancellation because it failed to appear on the iHeartRadio lineup for HOT 99.5, a spokesperson for iHeartRadio later confirmed that the show was done for good. 

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Per DCist, the spokesperson said, "Starting today, although Kane will still be a part of the iHeart family, he will no longer appear on the Hot 99.5 morning show. We appreciate all he has contributed and built over the last 14 years. The Morning Show will continue on schedule with John, Riley, and Rose."

But, the spokesperson would not comment as to why the show was nixed. Because the remaining hosts from The Kane Show were staying on, many assumed that there was controversy surrounding Kane. 

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This rumor was further fueled when his former HOT 99.5 co-host, Danni Starr, alleged that Kane was known for his egregious off-microphone behavior. 

In an April 13 Instagram post, Danni alleged in her caption that there were many women who were uncomfortable with Kane's actions. 

"CLEARLY everybody who is shocked about Kane forced themselves not to see the long line of women who disappeared from the air as if they never existed, disregarded the constant gaslighting on the air..." Danni wrote in her post. "I was backed into a corner, remember he kept saying I was busy? He was allowed to say anything he wanted on the air and I had to be quiet because, 'you're the mother and breadwinner of your family if I were you I wouldn't jeopardize that.'"

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"His co-hosts have had to do therapy because of the abuse we endured. I'm not scared in the least bit anymore. I will speak out for all of us and the women who right now are trying to survive a misogynistic, racist, sexist, abusive co-worker," she continued in her caption. "I promise you I will fight for and with you!... You should be ashamed you didn't listen to survivors."

Danni's allegations and the exact reasoning for Kane's firing have not been confirmed by iHeartRadio.

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Kane was arrested for domestic violence against his ex-wife in 2016.

Danni's Instagram post wasn't the first time that the radio host's integrity had been called into question. In June of 2016, Kane was arrested in Maryland on charges of second degree assault. 

The alleged assault took place in May of 2016 and it was against Kane's estranged wife, Natasha Deibler. According to reports, Kane threw Natasha against a wall in front of their two young daughters. 

Natasha claimed that she sprained her knee as a result of the assault, and she also allegedly sustained a head injury, a black eye, and several bruises. 

Shortly after he was arrested, Kane posted a $3,500 bond and was released from custody. He later said that the charge against him was "unfounded."

The two had been embroiled in a nasty divorce in the months leading up to the altercation. 

The Kane Show continued after his arrest, and the assault charge was later dropped. 

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While The Kane Show will not continue, based on the iHeartRadio statement, Kane might still be involved in future productions on the air. Whether this is the reason for the show's removal, or it has something to do with the allegations against him is unclear at this time. 

Kane also has yet to make a statement about the abrupt end of his show. 

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