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Source: MTV

Kedarie Johnson's Kidnapping and Death Will Be Explored Further in 'True Life Crime'


When 16-year-old Kedarie Johnson's body was found left in an alley one cold March night in 2016 in Iowa, he hadn't even been missing long enough for anyone to think something nefarious had happened to him. But when police saw bullet holes in his chest, which had a blood-stained bra on it under a pushed up shirt, and some of his hair pulled out and hanging on, it was clear that a brutal hate crime had taken place against the LGBTQ teen.

It didn't take long for law enforcement and those around Johnson to piece together what had happened and bring his murderers to justice. Now, True Life Crime will dig deeper into what happened to Johnson that fateful night and what may have led his two assailants to commit such a hateful crime against him.