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Source: cbs

The Reason Why Kono Isn't on 'Hawaii Five-0' Anymore Will Send Woke Folks Into a Fit of Rage


Two of the coolest characters in Hawaii Five-0 were Kono Kalakaua and Chin Ho Kelly. One is a badass sniper, the other is a dude who couldn't stand by and see his uncle be disgraced, so he took the fall for a crime that he didn't commit. Both of them were honorable, consistent, and cool in their own regards. It also didn't hurt that they were easy on the eyes either. So why is it that both Kono and Chin gone from the show?

It seems like a weird choice, especially because the series is called Hawaii Five-0 and both of the characters are natives to the tropical state that is the ultimate wedding destination for so many Americans, and the setting for my absolute favorite romantic comedy of all time, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

What happened to Chin and Kono on Hawaii Five-0?

To their credit, the showrunners handled the exits with some grace.