Paige Bueckers Has Responded After AI-Altered Photos of Her Went Viral Online

"The devil works hard but God and the people around me work WAY harder. The outpouring of love and support from the WBB community is unreal."


Apr. 26 2024, Published 10:18 a.m. ET

Paige Bueckers during a press conference following UConn's loss to Iowa.
Source: Getty Images

Young, female basketball players have perhaps never been more visible than they are right now. Caitlin Clark, Paige Bueckers, Angel Reese, and many others are changing the nature of women's basketball and the way it's talked about for the better, but that increased visibility has also come with some terrible costs.

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Recently, one of those costs was a series of photos that were posted on the internet featuring Caitlin and Paige. The photos have caused an uproar on social media, and Paige has now responded to them with a post of her own. Here's what we know about what happened.

Paige Bueckers and Caitlin Clark during the UConn Iowa game.
Source: Getty Images
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What happened to Paige Bueckers with AI photos?

AI-altered photos of Caitlin and Paige that weren't family-friendly were posted online on April 21, 2024, causing an immediate uproar among fans who disapproved of the sexualization of these young women without their permission.

The images were posted on Paige's subreddit, which was then suspended from Reddit for violating the company's terms.

“r/paigebueckers is banned. This subreddit was banned due to a violation of Reddit’s rules against non-consensual intimate media," a statement on the subreddit reads.

Paige also posted a vague tweet that many suspect was actually about these photos. In the post, Paige made it clear that she wasn' not going to let these images derail her career or have any impact on her at all.

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“The devil works hard but God and the people around me work WAY harder. The outpouring of love and support from the WBB community is unreal. Love y'all. Support women in sport ALWAYS,” she wrote on Twitter.

Paige and Caitlin are two of the biggest stars in women's basketball at the moment. While Caitlin is now entering the WNBA, Paige has one more year of playing at UConn and is expected to be the first overall pick in the 2025 WNBA draft.

Source: Twitter/@paigebueckers1
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Paige got support from fellow players and fans online.

After the images were leaked, the vast majority of people posting about them were discussing what a violation the images were of Paige and Caitlin's privacy.

Angel Reese, a fellow college basketball star from LSU, wrote “Protect young women in sports!!!” on her Twitter feed, and also retweeted a post that discussed Paige's situation more explicitly.

HBCU Go sideline reporter Courtney Tate also offered her thoughts.

“To everyone who flooded the Caitlin Clark and Paige Bueckers search with their highlights this morning, thank you. To the few weirdos in this world, y’all are sick," she wrote on Twitter.

Thankfully, Paige seems to know that she has tons of support behind her, and doesn't seem to be too bothered by the images appearing on the internet, even if she wouldn't want them to be there. Caitlin hasn't responded to the photos yet. Caitlin has undoubtedly heard about the AI-altered photos and whether or not she chooses to respond, hopefully she feels the same sense of support that Paige has as she has faced this personal violation.

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