Golf Fanatics Are Very Concerned About the Bandage on Phil Mickelson's Left Hand

Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady suited up against Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers, but Phil's hand was bandaged and fans want to know what happened.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jul. 7 2021, Published 12:53 p.m. ET

When you're a top athlete at a professional level, you need to train that much harder to stay in peak shape. Sure, there are some outliers, like Ricardo Mayorga in boxing, who would smoke cigarettes, drink beer, and rely on his naturally heavy hands and granite chin to win fights.

But sports legends who reach the pinnacle of their respective games all share one thing in common. They keep themselves healthy. But famous golfer Phil Mickelson recently appeared with a bandaged hand, and fans want to know what happened.

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What happened to Phil Mickelson's hand?

The winner of six major championships has a ton of accolades to his name and made headlines again recently when he teamed up with NFL legend Tom Brady in a doubles match against Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers.

While the latter team ended up coming out on top, one of the biggest headlines to come out of the match-up came from viewers at home who noticed something about Phil's left hand.

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Mickelson is naturally right-handed but earned the nickname Lefty because when it comes to golf, he plays left-handed. While this may seem strange, there are tons of athletes who, for one reason or another, play with their non-dominant hands. Decorated kickboxer and lauded tough guy Jerome Le Banner, for instance, fights with his lead left despite being born a righty.

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Mickelson posted a video on his Instagram that showed him rocking a bandage on his left hand, and it sent fans into a tizzy. What's going on with his wrist? Was he injured? Did he burn it? Is Lefty going to be OK?

Whatever injury Phil sustained didn't look like it was serious enough to disqualify him from play. He was able to still play in The Match 4 charity golfing event.

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While The Match is a golfing tournament, the event's typically set up more for entertainment purposes than anything else. Rob Gronkowski even called Aaron Rodgers during the game to playfully rib the Green Bay Packers quarterback about the rumors surrounding his retirement.

Former two-term President Barack Obama also made an appearance on the broadcast, and later his spot was taken over by Cleveland Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield.

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The event wasn't just a resounding success with viewers who enjoyed seeing the four men toss out friendly trash talk and playfully rib one another, but also for the charities associated with The Match as well. Feeding America saw a few million meals donated to its cause, and My Brother's Keeper got several million dollars put into its coffers.

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Exact amounts haven't been released yet, but previous The Match contests were resounding successes. The previous Match raised $4.4 million for HBCUs and The Match 2 raised a whopping $20 million for COVID-19 relief.

Phil Mickelson's hand "injury" could be arthritis related.

While the exact reasoning behind why Phil Mickelson's hand was bandaged isn't known, it could be related to his 2010 psoriatic arthritis diagnosis. So maybe it's just a flare-up?

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