PopularMMOs Still Posts to YouTube on Occasion

After three arrests and some time in jail, Pat still makes content online sporadically, though he's mostly taken a step back.

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 1 2024, Published 5:33 p.m. ET

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Anyone who has slugged through the trenches of Minecraft YouTube knows that many of its once-prolific icons have fallen from grace. Despite the screenname PopularMMOs, Pat Julianelle's channel was known for its Minecraft content. The channel peaked in popularity in the 2010s, with millions of subscribers tuning in to new videos often, though its popularity has since taken a nosedive and his other social media channels are private.

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Technically, PopularMMOs is still an active channel, though it looks vastly different than it did at its peak a decade ago. The channel currently holds 17.1 million subscribers, and every new video brings in around a million views a piece — but the uploads have dwindled to only a couple a year. So what happened to it?

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What happened to Pat from PopularMMOs?

Following Pat's divorce from GamingWithJen, his first wife whom he brought on to the channel pretty early in its days, he found himself in a series of internet drama and arrested more than once.

Jen and Pat announced their divorce in 2019, and not long after he began seeing a fellow creator named Eleni (Kouklitsa). Though Pat often made content with Eleni, calling her his girlfriend, she publicly denied actually dating him, claiming they were only making content together. This resulted in a series of YouTube (now-deleted) videos posted to Pat's channel denying Eleni's various claims, reading text messages between them and airing a lot of dirty laundry for all of their followers to see.

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When Pat started dating his now-wife Liz, he then found himself in more legal trouble, resulting in two arrests. The first arrest happened in 2021 after the pair went out drinking together, resulting in a dispute with opposing stories. Both Liz and Pat were charged, though the charges were dropped not long after their bail.

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Just a year later, Pat was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, again after a night of drinking with Liz. Pat reportedly slept outside and slashed Liz's tires to prevent her from drinking and driving. Liz was reportedly scared of letting him back in the house, and when she did open the door Pat chased after her with a knife. This ultimately resulted in his arrest.

Understandably, this series of arrests resulted in a lot of negative attention on Pat and his channel, and he spoke extensively about his declining mental health, telling his followers "I'm just suffering so much." This led to some of his followers worrying about potential self-harm, though he later denied any feelings that he wanted to hurt himself.

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Why was PopularMMOs go to jail?

There are actually a couple of police reports surrounding the creator, but the reason he served jail time wasn't for any of the more damaging reports that came out about him.

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In 2022, Pat and his friends Ethan Davies and Michael Richmond were arrested after Davies charged onto the field during a Jacksonville Jaguars game. Ethan was charged with criminal mischief, while Michael and Pat were charged with criminal conspiracy for filming the stunt. All three were also charged with committing a breach of peace by three or more people.

According to a podcast episode hosted by Pat and Michael titled "I went to jail," Davies apparently planned to get arrested for his plan. When authorities learned that Ethan's two friends were planning to film the prank, they were also arrested. In the podcast episode, they address that they spent one night in jail upon their arrest, and Pat later spent another two nights in jail following a plea of no contest to the charges.

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