Fans Are Worried About Shadman — What Happened to Him?

"No time to explain, don't worry bout me, am better than you have and always will be, am pro, See ya don't wanna be ya."

Alex West - Author

Mar. 8 2024, Published 2:14 p.m. ET

Shadman poses in his skull-like mask with a machete
Source: Twitter/@Shadbase

Shaddai Prejean, known on the internet as Shadman, is a popular cartoonist who's known for his super-controversial and suggestive nature. He created a character of himself who is more of a villain, fighting a battle of rage online.

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The star's YouTube account has long since gone quiet and fans are constantly praying for his return. For now, his account boasts over 300K subscribers and his disappearances have caused speculation on message boards across the internet.

Shadman poses outside with a gun wearing a skeleton mask, gloves, camo pants, and a button down shirt with a tie
Source: Twitter/@Shadbase
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What happened to Shadman?

Much of Shadman's content is considered hentai and is sexually explicit in nature and he has never shied away from some counterculture. He tends to sexualize his female characters. He even draws real-life women in a sexual manner, including Ivanka Trump.

Many fans thought Shadman began to descend into madness as they followed the way his posts began to get increasingly unhinged. "He went kind of insane," wrote one fan on Reddit. "Ruined a bunch of friendships online, most notably with Cory (spazkid) and OneyNG. From some of his pics on Twitter people were heavily speculating about his use of opioids because of the state of his room and some other factors."

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According to many fans, Shadman struggled with both substance abuse and mental illness. "Shad once said that's such a low life," wrote another fan. "He could only stream three times in a week and pay for everything he wants."

Shadman wearing a skeleton mask doing push ups
Source: Twitter/@Shadbase
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Regardless, Shadman's work became increasingly controversial, causing some confusion online. According to reports, he started drawing underage girls in a sexually suggestive way.

Technotrenz, a popular website, alleged that the drawings were based on real-life young girls, including the 12-year-old Dafne Keen. Her lawyers had the site shut down for a while. Shadman also allegedly drew his mother 34 times in the same sexual nature.

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Shadman went kind of insane. This is all old news but I'm pretty sure he's just mentally ill, something at the end of 2020 messed him up bad. He also stated on his Twitter that he was involved with multiple "big projects," if I'm not mistaken he said that this in either 2019 or 2020, around the time he stopped posting.

Some fans even began speculating that Shadman was a dad. He did become active online again, posting, often time erratically, on Twitter. He's still sharing his art, but his inconsistency online does have a jarring reason.

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It's also important to note that a popular photo went around in 2017 which seemed to depict him being confronted by a SWAT team. However, he wrote on Twitter: "For the record, this is not actually me, its a cosplayer at a con that did a damn good job imitating my outfit."

A Shadman cosplay on their knees surrounded by a SWAT team
Source: Twitter/@Shadbase
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Shadman was arrested in 2021.

According to The Sun, Shadman was arrested on Oct. 21, 2021. The YouTuber was charged with assault with a deadly weapon which, considering photos of the star with guns and knives, came as little to no surprise to fans. "And now he's just a dude with a gun, sick," wrote a disappointed fan.

After Shadman's arrest, he started his gradual silence online and inconsistent posts. "No time to explain, don't worry bout me, am better than you have and always will be, am pro, See ya don't wanna be ya," he wrote in his first Tweet back in 2021.

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