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What Happened to Flight 828 in 'Manifest' Right Before It Exploded?

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jun. 11 2021, Published 9:20 a.m. ET

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Manifest.

If you were a Lost fiend, then there's a good chance any show with a mysterious premise and/or random polar bears on a tropical island will appeal to you. So if you tune into Manifest and are immediately intrigued, there's a good reason for that, and it's got some to do with the mysterious circumstances surrounding Flight 828 and its passengers, but more to do with just how much the show messes with your head.

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So what happened to the plane in 'Manifest'? There are tons of different theories out there.

The end of Manifest Season 2 reveals that an airplane wing is fished out of the ocean that reads: "Montego Airways."

This strongly suggests that Flight 828, despite showing up at Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, NY some five years after its intended landing time, somehow crashed in the middle of the ocean.

So what's the reason behind this? Why are their two flights? Is there some Final Destination type stuff going on where people were supposed to die and now fate is catching up with them? But how would that explain the other plane crashing?

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The first theory is a hybrid one of sorts: Could time travel be possible if an individual in one timeline is "sacrificed" so to speak so that another version of themselves can survive in a separate timeline? Or perhaps the laws of the universe, in order to help ensure that there aren't any messy time loops like that, naturally kill off those who "shouldn't" exist in another time period?

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Another theory suggests that time travel occurred via a wormhole of sorts, but how does that account for the "death date" and "calling" phenomenon experienced by all of the passengers on Flight 828?

Honestly, Redditor Desdemona1231 has an interesting take on things:

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"Maybe they’re all from the future but an alternate universe. Universe One plane crashed in the sea. All lost. Never found. People go on.

"Universe Two plane arrived safely on time. Dark lightning breached the universes resulting in an exchange.

"Plane One lost a wing before rest of exploding plane went into Universe Two and stayed in Universe One. See Ben’s vision. Note the mirror that triggered the vision."

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The theory continues, "Plane Two from Universe Two went into Universe One but got thrown five years ahead. They are now in the future of Universe One.

"Universe Two people in Universe One don’t belong. Their DNA is slightly different. Since they technically are in the future their callings are actually memories of what would’ve happened to the Universe One people if they never died. Resisting causes disaster. Following them realigns. If you don’t realign in the time between the gap you die."

"Eden is a hybrid of Universe One Grace and Universe Two Ben. Don’t ask about the people not on the plane but the lightning is involved. Something similar happened to Al-zuras. They may have borrowed from Fringe and Counterpart. Crossing universes is bad. Too crazy? Yeah?"

What do you think? Is there any merit to these theories? Which one sounds the most plausible? And most importantly, when do you think the truth will finally be revealed?

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