Clear Sides Were Taken in Natsumiii and BaboAbe's Divorce

Rumors of cheating have dominated the discussion around the divorce of OTV's Wendy and Abe — so why did they break up?

Sara Belcher - Author

Feb. 15 2024, Published 6:46 p.m. ET

Wendy Luo and Abe Chung
Source: Instagram/@lolnatsumiii; Instagram/@baboabe

More than 60,000 people tuned into the Twitch-broadcasted wedding between streamers Wendy Luo (Natsumiii) and Abe Chung (BaboAbe), turning their intimate nuptials into a moment thousands of their followers could share with them. The couple were a staple on the OfflineTV channel and frequent Twitch streamers, but apparently a happily ever after just wasn't in the cards for them.

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About eight months after walking down the aisle, Abe announced on Twitter that he and Wendy had officially broken up. From that tweet alone, it was clear that things did not end amicably between the couple — so what happened to Wendy and Abe?

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Wendy and Abe separately addressed their split.

Abe was the first to address the breakup, taking to Twitter to share that he and Wendy "are no longer together."

"I felt that we owed it to you all to give an update," he wrote in the tweet on July 31, 2023. "Things happened, and I can at the very least say- with confidence that I've done all I can to try to save our marriage and make things work."

Abe later went live on Twitch that day, and during the stream he shared a little more about the split, but was mostly mum about the details.

“I know that there’s going to be a lot of memes and unnecessary comments, but as I stated in the post, I can at least wholeheartedly say that I, at the very least, truly have done and given everything that I possibly could to make things work," he said while live. “But you know, sometimes it’s just not possible."

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Though he asked his audience to remain respectful as they navigated their divorce, he ultimately concluded his statement with "I’m sure you guys will be able to come to your own conclusions, just based on social dynamics and whatnot.”

Wendy later spoke about the split during a stream of her own, though she was even more guarded about the details than Abe was.

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"As most of you guys know Abe and I have split up and I really really don't want to divulge or go into a bunch of personal details about our relationship on stream or on Twitter so I hope everyone can respect that," she said, thanking those who were coming to her stream consistently to support her.

"I just want to be happy and move forward with my life, so I kindly, once again, ask for everyone to respect our privacy and support each of us individually to heal and move forward from this and to just not create any more noise than either of us would've wanted," Wendy said. In total, she talked about the breakup for about a minute during her stream.

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Fans think Wendy cheated on Abe.

Though neither party has confirmed nor denied any rumors about the other, the primary speculation is that Wendy cheated on Abe. Not long after their split, the other members of OfflineTV unfollowed Wendy online, suggesting some clear sides were taken.

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"Y’all literally everyone in OTV except for Lily unfollowed her on Instagram. Cheating isn’t 100% confirmed but you’re in denial if you say they just 'fell out of love and Wendy decided to end it,'" one commenter said on OTV's video of Wendy's comments.

"Translation: I cheated, but won't admit to cheating. So please don't bother me unless you are giving me money," another wrote.

"Whatever happened it was bad enough, that all of their friends unfollowed her and support Abe," another commenter wrote. "Abe did say make assumptions on the social dynamics, it’s pretty fair to say whatever happened Wendy did something bad like cheat on Abe."

Again, the theory that Wendy cheated is far from confirmed, and it's likely neither party will ever divulge what exactly happened between them.

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