Where Has Wendell Been in Season 6 of 'Fear the Walking Dead'? He's Still Alive

Fans are dying to know what happened to Wendell on 'Fear the Walking Dead.' Go inside the character's story arch on Season 6 of the AMC series.

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Apr. 29 2021, Updated 9:56 a.m. ET

wendell 'Fear the Walking Dead'
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Season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead has seen Morgan and the rest of the group all over the place, navigating their post-apocalyptic world both together and separately. They are also under the control of Virginia and, because she split so many pairs up, fans are wondering where Wendell is and what happened to him.

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The last we saw of Wendell, he was tasked with helping June set up her hospital in the Nov. 15, 2020, episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Since the break in the season and the return of the rest of the characters that fans know and love, Wendell has been noticeably absent. 

Some fear the worst for him. Others are confident he'll return by the end of the season for whatever inevitable war begins.

fear the walking dead wendell
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Everyone is dying to know what happened to Wendell on 'Fear the Walking Dead.'

The AMC show is known for introducing a multitude of characters throughout the seasons, but sometimes their storylines take a back seat in the series. In Season 4 of the popular zombie show, audiences were introduced to Wendell and his adoptive sister Sarah. 

After joining Morgan’s group (following a rocky start to their relationship), Wendell and his sister immersed themselves in the mission to help save other people. And even now, they're still dedicated to the cause.

Wendell mainly spent his time at the group’s home base because of his disability. We learned that, at the age of 10, Wendell was struck by a car after pushing another kid out of the way. He has been paralyzed from the waist down ever since. 

Though he can’t walk, his wheelchair has been zombie-proofed with killer spikes. He has proven time and again that he can handle himself and take care of other survivors. For that reason alone, the rest of the gang is going to need him.

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Did Wendell die on 'Fear the Walking Dead'?

In the opening minutes to the Season 6 Episode 10 episode "Handle With Care" that were posted on YouTube, you finally get an explanation of where Wendell is on Fear the Walking Dead. All this time, while Wendell has been thought to be off working on the hospital Virginia promised June, he has actually been in Morgan and Daniel's new secret community.

For now, most of the original survivors in Morgan's group are back together. Of course, that can only mean trouble ahead of them where Virginia is concerned.

There are plenty of threats on the show that Morgan, Wendell, and the rest of their friends will face. There are walkers, but there's also Virginia and her army. Still, it doesn't look like Wendell has been another victim of Virginia's, at least for the time being. He's alive, but like everyone else, he remains pretty expendable.

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