fear the walking dead wendell
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Will Wendell Play a Big Role in Defending "Tank Town" in Season 5 of 'Fear the Walking Dead'?


Aug. 12 2019, Published 12:25 p.m. ET

In the midseason premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, Morgan and the rest of the group are continuing their mission to help find and save individuals in the post-apocalyptic world. 

With more resources that they’ve scavenged, the group makes a documentary showcasing their relief efforts, which they hope will reach a lot of people.  

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The Season 5B premiere episode predominantly focused on a woman named Tess in need of aid after her husband Ben ventured outside of their fortified home in search of an inhaler for their son. 

Unfortunately, Ben never came back… and he never will. Since her husband rigged the lawn with landmines (that keep going off), a swarm of walkers have invaded the property.  

Morgan, John, Luciana, and Althea head to the house to save Tess and fight off the walker hoard. However, Morgan steps on a landmine, but is eventually saved after convincing Tess to step out of her home for the first time in two years to give him the pin to disable the explosive. 

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While Morgan and his crew have been the focal point of the season, we can’t help but wonder if the writers will show some love to the other characters back at the home base. Seriously, what happened to Wendell in Fear the Walking Dead

fear the walking dead wendell
Source: AMC
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Everyone is dying to know what happened to Wendell in Fear the Walking Dead.

The AMC show is known for introducing a multitude of characters throughout the seasons, but sometimes their storylines take a back seat in the series. 

In Season 4 of the popular zombie show, audiences were introduced to Wendell and his adoptive sister Sarah. After joining Morgan’s group (following a rocky start to their relationship), Wendell and his sister immersed themselves in the mission to help save other people. 

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Wendell mainly spends his time at the group’s home base because of his disability. We learned that, at the age of 10, Wendell was struck by a car after pushing another kid out of the way. 

He has been paralyzed from the waist down ever since. Though he can’t walk, his wheelchair has been zombie-proofed…  with killer spikes. 

fear the walking dead logan
Source: AMC
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In the latest episode, Wendell was briefly mentioned to be residing at “Tank Town” with Annie and the kids. This hidden spot has not been disclosed as it is the location of the coveted oil rig, which Clayton wrote down in a journal.  

While we’ve watched many feuds happen between different groups on the show, the newest one seems to be over gas. Logan, the Season 5 villain on the AMC franchise, has made it his mission to find Clayton’s oil rig. 

In the final scene, we watch as the antagonist and his crew find a man on the road. With a hoard of walkers quickly approaching, he throws the guy a walkie talkie and instructs him to call out for Morgan’s crew to come help him. 

When he finally makes contact with the team, Logan tells the guy to inform Morgan that he’s making many enemies and that he currently has a lot of bullets. Basically, it’s a not-so-subtle threat that this battle between the groups is just getting started.

Catch new episodes of Fear the Walking Dead on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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