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Source: Instagram

Instagram Threads Lets You Create 'Status Updates,' Just Like on AIM


On Oct. 3, Instagram came out with something brand new. No, it isn't a new algorithm (though many probably wish it was LOL). Instead, the popular photo-sharing app released an entirely new application called Threads.

So, what is Instagram Threads, you ask? Like I said before, it's a totally separate app from Instagram that actually works in tandem with the photo-sharing app. And you'll definitely want to download it in order to stay connected with your smaller groups of pals. 

What is Instagram Threads? It works in tandem with Instagram.

Now available in the App Store and via Google Play, Threads enables you to share all kinds of media (such as photos, videos, messages, and Stories) with only your Close Friends list from Instagram. 

Threads will essentially create a special inbox for everyone you've labeled as "Close Friends" in the Instagram app. And from that totally separate inbox, you'll receive special (and completely separate) notifications.