Instagram Threads Lets You Create 'Status Updates,' Just Like on AIM

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Oct. 4 2019, Updated 1:33 p.m. ET

On Oct. 3, Instagram came out with something brand new. No, it isn't a new algorithm (though many probably wish it was LOL). Instead, the popular photo-sharing app released an entirely new application called Threads.

So, what is Instagram Threads, you ask? Like I said before, it's a totally separate app from Instagram that actually works in tandem with the photo-sharing app. And you'll definitely want to download it in order to stay connected with your smaller groups of pals. 

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What is Instagram Threads? It works in tandem with Instagram.

Now available in the App Store and via Google Play, Threads enables you to share all kinds of media (such as photos, videos, messages, and Stories) with only your Close Friends list from Instagram. 

Threads will essentially create a special inbox for everyone you've labeled as "Close Friends" in the Instagram app. And from that totally separate inbox, you'll receive special (and completely separate) notifications.

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Since you can designate all of your Close Friends in the Instagram app, you are able to regulate who contacts you via Threads, according to the company's press release. This ultimately designs your Threads experience to be exactly as you want it to be. 

It's actually quite easy to use, and if you enjoy quickly and easily sending GIFs, photos, and videos to all your BFFs, I strongly suggest getting in on it ASAP.

Threads lets you create "status updates."

Remember the days of feeling angsty, and setting a Paramore lyric as your AIM status? Now you can do the same on Threads. Choose from a series of suggested statuses like "studying," procrastinating," or "on the move," which are complete with corresponding emojis, or you can create them yourself. I expect to see some really great internet lingo.

Unlike AIM, though, you control who you're sharing your status with — privacy is one of Threads' main concerns.

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Additionally, you can continue using Instagram for everything else.

All of the conversations from Threads also appear in your Instagram DMs, per Instagram's blog post. So, if you would rather respond to a message via the Instagram app, doing so is possible.

But if you only want to look at the messages from your Close Friends and set status updates, do that through the Threads app. 

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How do you set your Close Friends in Instagram?

If you haven't already created your Close Friends list on Instagram, doing so is quite simple. According to the Instagram Help page, start out by opening the Instagram app, and tapping the bottom right icon that looks like a human profile. 

Then, you'll click on the three horizontal lines, which appear in the upper right hand corner of the Instagram app. 

From there, you'll see an option that reads "Close Friends." From there, you can search the name of anyone you would like to add. When the correct person pops up, click the button that reads "Add" next to their name. 

Then, when you're finished, click "Done." Now you'll be able to send your Close Friends stories, and chat with them via Threads. Yes, it's that easy, and it's seriously worth doing, if you haven't already.

Instagram's latest and greatest creation is seriously about to come in clutch. And you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be using that Status feature for middle school-level statuses. 


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