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Source: YouTube

A Teaser Was Just Released for 'A Quiet Place 2' and It Looks Kind of Epic


Almost two years after A Quiet Place knocked our socks off, a teaser has finally been released for the sequel — A Quiet Place 2 — which is set to come out early next year. And although the official trailer isn't coming for another few weeks, until the beginning of 2020, the teaser was an undeniably satisfying snippet, luring viewers into the cinema for yet another terrifying (yet seriously entertaining) time.

After watching the 30-second teaser, however, you most likely have a few questions. What is A Quiet Place 2 about? Who will be starring in the new movie? We've compiled our thoughts and predictions based on what we've seen thus far, so get excited for another wild (and almost entirely silent) adventure.

What is A Quiet Place 2 about? First, let's watch the trailer below: