'The Boys' Are Back in Town — What Is This "Red River" Mentioned in Season 3?

'The Boys' Season 3 focuses a lot on a place called Red River, and many fans are curious to learn more about it. Here's everything we know.

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Jun. 3 2022, Published 2:57 p.m. ET

'The Boys' Season 3 poster.
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Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 3, Episodes 1-2 of The Boys on Prime Video.

The Boys are back and we've never been happier. On June 3, Prime Video released the first three episodes of the highly-anticipated third season of its superhero series, and boy, things are getting wilder and more intense than ever.

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Although most viewers are too focused on figuring out what is wrong with Homelander (Antony Starr) this season, we can't help but be drawn to the storyline involving a so-called "Red River." What is it? Keep reading to find out!

Claudia Doumit as Victoria Neuman / Nadia in 'The Boys.'
Source: Prime Video
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What is Red River in 'The Boys'?

At the start of the Season 3 premiere of The Boys, Hughie (Jack Quaid) still has no idea that his boss, congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit), is the head-exploding Supe that killed various attendees at Vought's hearing in Season 2.

However, he's well aware of this by the end of the third season's premiere.

Throughout the episode, a man named Tony (Kyle Mac) claims Victoria is his best friend named Nadia. After leaving work one night, Hughie spots Tony and Victoria entering an alleyway. He follows them and overhears Tony urging her to tell the truth about "Red River;" once she refuses, the two duke it out before Victoria brutally kills Tony. As usual, Hughie ends up covered in blood!

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So, what is "Red River"? Well, Episode 2 follows Hughie and Starlight (Erin Moriarty) as they discover that Red River is an underfunded and neglected Supe orphanage owned by a subsidiary of Vought.

As a child, Victoria (aka Nadia) couldn't control her powers; as a result, she killed her family and ended up at Red River. While there, she learned to control her powers and eventually met the corrupt Vought CEO, Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito), who adopted her and branded her as Victoria Neuman.

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OK, we are definitely shook to the core; regardless, this information confirms our thoughts that Stan and Victoria have been working together the entire time. But, what does this mean for the rest of the season? Well, we'll just have to wait and see!

Red River is first mentioned in 'The Boys Presents: Diabolical.'

In the second episode of The Boys Presents: Diabolical, titled "An Animated Short Where Pissed-Off Supes Kill Their Parents," viewers are brought to the Red River Assisted Living center, "For the Gifted Child."

There, the Narrator explains that Red River is a place where parents ditch their kids who possess "s--t powers."

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"An Animated Short Where Pissed-Off Supes Kill Their Parents."
Source: Prime Video

The Supes with "s--t powers" include:

  • Mo-Slo: walks extremely slow
  • Boombox: has a speaker for a face
  • Fang: has teeth that can cut through almost anything
  • Kingdom: can turn into any animal, but he transforms body and mind
  • Aqua Aqua: just turns into water
  • Big: is just really big
  • Human Tongue: 100 percent muscle with no bones
  • Picante Balls: can melt anything with his testicles
  • Ghost: can walk through walls but can't touch or be touched
  • Flashback: can visualize flashbacks
  • Papers: can locate any papers anywhere
  • Boobie Face and Ranch Dressing C-m Squirter are self-explanatory

Now, will this be the case for Red River in The Boys? Is it a place for Supes with "s--t powers," or is it a home for those who are much more dangerous? We'd like to believe it's the latter, but only time will tell!

New episodes of The Boys premiere Fridays, only on Prime Video.

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