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Source: The Pokemon Company

Here's the Difference Between the 'Pokemon Sword' and 'Shield' Games — and Which Should You Get


What can Pokemon fans expect for the release of Sword and Shield? Like most releases of the popular monster-catching and battling franchise, the game features a simultaneous debut of two titles with slight differences. While at their core, they're the same game, there are slight variations between them. So which game should you get? Well, a lot of that depends on which type of Pokemon you're most excited about capturing.

How much does Pokemon Sword & Shield cost?

If you're an uber-Pokemon fanatic, then there's a good chance you'll purchase both of the games in an effort to catch them all without help from anyone else. Both Amazon and Walmart offered the Double Pack for $99.88, but it looks like Jeff Bezos' online retail giant doesn't have that discount anymore. Walmart does though, and the best part is, you won't have to shop in store to get it.