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Source: Freeform

Is a Turkey Drop Something People Do IRL?


Thanksgiving week is upon us, and that means stuffing our faces with turkey and pumpkin pie until we fall asleep on the coach, and TBH we wouldn't have it any other way. Freeform is also celebrating with their first-ever original Thanksgiving movie that you can watch after your turkey dinner festivities. It's called Turkey Drop, and it's about a college student named Lucy who goes back to her hometown for Thanksgiving only to learn that her high school sweetheart may "turkey drop" her.

What exactly is a turkey drop?

"Turkey drop" is one of those new-ish dating terms (think "cuffing" or "breadcrumbing"). In fact, a turkey drop is the exact opposite of cuffing. According to Urban Dictionary, a turkey drop describes the situation between a couple who tries out a long-distance relationship when either of them go to college. When Thanksgiving comes around, the turkey drop happens when one of the partners breaks up with the other when they come home from school. Apparently this can also happen to grown-ups too.