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Source: Taco Bell

This Is What It’s Like Having a Thanksgiving Feast Made Entirely By Taco Bell


When you think “Friendsgiving,” thoughts of burnt Stove Top stuffing, your friend’s lumpy mashed potatoes and the worst Pilgrim Punch hangover ever probably dance through your head. You’re typically not thinking Taco Bell, purveyor of late-night Mexican-inspired fast-food eats and hot sauces. 

But after attending Taco Bell’s seventh annual Friendsgiving festivities, we’re here to tell you that you should be.

Before you go wrinkle your nose at the idea of fast-food for your celebration, Taco Bell’s Friendsgiving feast was a lot more polished than heading to your local drive-thru to order Cheesy Gordita Crunches, beefy burritos and a bunch of Crunchwrap Supremes (hold the tomato).