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Source: Instagram

Here's When New Episodes of Your Favorite Originals Drop on Disney+


The new streaming service Disney+ dropped and has easily taken over the internet as the new Netflix. With an entire inventory of every Disney movie and show you could ever watch (including some of your favorites from your childhood), Disney+ has proved it really is worth the money to keep.

But Disney is doing things a little different this time, releasing new episodes slowly. While Netflix makes their content drops once a month, subscribers are wondering when new episodes are released on the platform.

What time does Disney+ release new episodes? It seems like most are released at 3 a.m.

Disney has been trying their hardest to get people to follow the way television used to be, making us wait patiently for new episodes to drop every week. But the main difference between new episodes airing and new episodes being released to a streaming platform is that it becomes unclear when exactly new episodes will be dropping.