Pauly Shore Is Making Movies Again and Nothing Has Really Changed

It has been years since Pauly Shore had a main role and now that he is going to be in 'Guest House,' fans may be wondering whatever happened to him.

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Jul. 22 2020, Updated 3:39 p.m. ET

what happened to pauly shore
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Even if you didn't grow up in the 80s when Pauly Shore was coming up as a comedian, if you were a 90s kid, then you probably saw one of his many iconic movies. In recent years, he has sort of fallen off a bit, as tends to sometimes be the case with stars of his former caliber. But as one of the stars of the comedy Guest House, which will be released On Demand on Sept. 4, 2020, he is making something of a resurgence in film.

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Judging by the trailer for Guest House, Pauly is as intent as ever on keeping his career in the R-rated sector. But, given his particular brand of comedy, that’s no big surprise. The movie is full of raunchy comedy and honestly seems like it's right up Pauly’s alley, with Steve-O and Bobby Lee along for the ride. Whether this becomes Pauly’s first of many starring roles in new movies still remains to be seen.

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Source: Instagram
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Whatever happened to Pauly Shore?

Truth be told, Pauly Shore never really left show business. He just took a backseat to other, more serious, stars as they rose up through the ranks. Admittedly, Pauly was a huge star in the 90s for movies like Son in Law and Bio-Dome, but he did go on to do some voice work in a handful of episodes of Bobby’s World and even A Goofy Movie.

He has had smaller TV and movie roles over the past 10 years, but nothing as big as his co-starring role in Guest House. And, he told Joe Rogan in a 2017 interview, his fall from grace in terms of his movie career had to do with getting so big and so famous so quickly in his career. He also attributed it to the choices he made as an actor.

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"The bigger you are and the faster you make it, the harder you fall," he explained. "I also think I didn’t listen to my agents and managers — they told me not to do In the Army Now." He said it led to other poor movie roles for him, which didn’t quite pick back up and that not listening to those around him affected the direction his movie career went.

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Pauly Shore had a wife once, but it didn't last long.

According to an Instagram post, Pauly once had a quickie wedding in Las Vegas, but it was short-lived. Although Pauly has dated a number of women over the years, he has never completely settled down. That never stopped him from serial dating, however. He has been linked to adult film actress Jewel De'Nyle, actress Jill St. Marks, model Kina Tavarozi, and even Kylie Minogue. Maybe no one could ever get past the "Hey buuuuuuddy" lines to actually stay married to him?

Does Pauly Shore have kids?

It should probably come as no surprise that Pauly has also never settled down long enough to have kids. But, being that his career has been all over the place and he seems to prefer the bachelor lifestyle, he is likely more than happy about having never started a family. And with a possible renewed movie career, he might not have time for kids and a family anyway. Let’s hope that Guest House legitimately leads to similarly big roles for him.

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