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Source: BBC

'Peaky Blinders' Will Be Back This Fall! Here's Everything We Know So Far About Season 5


By order of the Peaky Blinders, when is Season 5 hitting Netflix? Fans of the BBC series have anxiously been awaiting the return of Thomas Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) and the rest of his Birmingham family into our lives. Two years prior, audiences watched as Tommy shot Alfie Soloman (though, it has not been confirmed if he is indeed dead), and now the leader of the Peaky Blinders has been elected Labour MP for Birmingham South. 

Heading into Season 5, creator and writer Steven Knight told Birmingham Mail, “Tommy’s main enemy is himself in series five. As ever, he is in control of the exterior — but not in control of the interior.” With guns ablazing and a plan always in motion, we’re sure Tommy will be able to talk his way out of any bad situation — though, he may just have to lie and sell out a few family members to do it. So, when can fans expect Peaky Blinders back on Netflix?