Looking for the Surfboards in 'Fortnite'? You Won't Find Them in Battle Royale

The Silver Surfer's surfboard was an item 'Fortnite' gamers were able to access in 2020, but where are the new surfboards located in game?

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

May 12 2021, Published 4:08 p.m. ET

Surfboards in 'Fortnite'?
Source: Epic Games

It's always fun whenever a new vehicle is added to a beloved video game franchise. Remember when you played Super Mario World for the first time and found out that you could ride Yoshi in the game? It was a monumental moment for gaming. 

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Obviously, a lot has changed since the days of eating berries with the little green dinosaur in what's arguably the greatest platform ever made. Fortnite is no stranger to introducing cool new game modes and "vehicles" to the mix, like surfboards. But where are they in the game?

So where are the surfboards in 'Fortnite'? You'll have to head over to Creative Mode.

If you thought you'd be able to amble around the Battle Royale mode and headshot folks while cruising some tasty waves, then we regret to inform you that that isn't the case.

You're going to need to head on over to Creative Mode to toy around with a board.

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where are surfboards fortnite
Source: Epic Games

Once you're in Creative Mode, then you can go into your toolbox and find the Surfboard Spawner. Using this feature you'll then get to spawn the boards wherever you want and enjoy a fun summertime activity. 

You know, without having to worry about getting eaten by a shark or knowing how to actually jump up and surf. 

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Sure you'll be missing out on all the wonders of learning how to be tubular like Johnny Utah did in the American Classic Point Break, but it's still pretty fun.

Once you've used the action button to mount your surfboard then you'll be able to travel through the water either forwards or backward. And folks have already started crafting some cool stuff with Fortnite's Creative Mode, like this time-trial racing game centered around surfing.

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If you want to engage in Battle Royale aquatic action, you could still always ride a boat in 'Fortnite'.

These vehicles have been around for a bit, but what's cool is that you can also mess around with them in Creative Mode, in addition to fishing poles/zones.

Epic Games' developers are urging players to come up with their coolest game ideas in Creative Mode and submit them by June 11 for an undisclosed summer event.

All players are encouraged to use a variety of different summer-themed items, maps, and skins to create their own summer experience and the winner(s) will have whatever they made featured in whatever Summer-themed craziness Epic's got planned.

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where are surfboards fortnite
Source: Epic Games

Fans of the game will recognize that this isn't the first time surfboards were included in the game, although they operated a little differently last time. 

Like Silver Surfer's surfboard glider. This operates much differently than the surfboards that were recently introduced to creative mode, as it was just a different "look" for the game's gliders, but it's still pretty cool nonetheless.

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If you're interested in participating in Fortnite's "Summer Call Out" then head to the game's official site here. Will you submit anything for a chance at Summer 2021 glory?

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