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Source: Instagram

Everything You Should Know About Alex French, TikTok's Fastest Rising Star


Alex French downloaded TikTok in April, but she hadn't started using the app on a regular basis up until November this year. It should come as a surprise then that the high-schooler has already acquired a celebrity-like status on the app, and is often hailed as the user with the fastest-growing follower base. In the span of four weeks, Alex managed to acquire 1.3 million new fans. 

What should we know about the TikTok user already hailed as the next Charli D'Amelio? Where does Alex French live? 

Let's start at the basics. Where does Alex French live? 

According to her TikTok bio, Alex is a born and bred Texan. 

However, she is renowned for her love of everything travel-related and has taken holidays to much-coveted destinations like Rosemary Beach, Fla., Manaus, Brazil, and Tofino, Canada. 

She enjoys spending time on the beach and frequently visits the Richland-Chambers Reservoir and the Hamilton Pool Preserve, Dripping Springs.