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Source: TikTok

The TikTok Mystery Mini Box Series Makes Mini Versions of Your Favorite TikToks


If you're not regularly on TikTok (aka, Vine's replacement app), then you're probably a little behind on some of the most popular memes going around on the internet right now. They range from hilarious and niche like Vine's humor was, to completely crazy and weird. Recently, TikTok users have started receiving backlash for the "Lucid Dreams" challenge, which some say predicted how rapper Juice WRLD would die.

But in other weird TikTok news is the TikTok mystery mini box trend. Let's explain.

User @DuaneShootsToys started the TikTok mini box trend.

Duane, who has a YouTube channel, TikTok account, Instagram and other social media accounts dedicated to toy photography and reflecting pop culture in toys, started the trend on his TikTok account. The first TikTok, posted to his account on Nov. 4, shows him opening a mini box with the TikTok logo on it. Inside, he says, is a miniature item relating to a different TikTok trend.