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These Are the Historic Locations Where 'The Stranger' Was Filmed



A beheaded alpaca lying in the main square, a young adolescent found barely-conscious in a nearby forest, an attempted suicide— these are just some of the mysteries DS Johanna Griffin tries to shed light upon in the new Netflix series, The Stranger. 

In the course of eight episodes, we watch the infallible detective untangle the complex web of mysteries while roaming the cobble-stoned alleyways of the small town in search of new evidence. Fans want to know: Where does The Stranger take place? 

So, where does 'The Stranger' take place?

The psychological thriller kicks off with a seemingly ordinary, neither good nor bad scene: a father-of-two, Adam Price (Richard Armitage) unwinding at a nearby local restaurant after a particularly heated game of football. 

The illusion of orderliness shatters the moment he is approached by The Stranger (Hannah John-Kamen). She matter-of-factly informs Adam that his wife lied about a supposed miscarriage a few years back — and soon enough, the troubles begin.

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Everything is connected in this card castle-like milieu, and the growing conflict between husband and wife triggers a caustic chain of events that impacts the whole of the community. Set in a sleepy small town surrounded by a breathtakingly beautiful, expansive woodland, the miniseries sheds new light on how little it takes to upset the relative peace and harmony a tightly-knit group of people has grown accustomed to. 

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'The Stranger' was filmed in the Greater Manchester area.

The background — the neatly-kept streets, the centuries-old church, and the lavish greenery — further amplify the suspense permeating each and every scene. Some of the scenes were filmed in Manchester, a city famous for its rich cultural life and cultural landmarks. Some were shot in Stockport, a larger city nearby, and Bolton, a former mill town located in the same county.  

The viewers of the show will undoubtedly get a peek of Bolton's Peel Memorial, a location the camera crew was spotted at by a reporter of The Bolton News in the spring of 2019. The Moor Lane Bus Station will also feature in the background of a few scenes, the outlet reveals. According to Edward Mellor, Stockport landmarks will feature extensively in the show as well. The Plaza and the Stockport Market Place are just some of the spots where filming took place. 

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'The Stranger' is set in a small British town — unlike the book it's based on.

Based on Harlan Coben's best-selling book with the same name, the Netflix miniseries captures how the everyday life of a small community turns upside down once a stranger takes to reveal their best-kept, darkest secrets one by one. Originally set in Cedarfield, N.J. Harlan's thriller charts how a (male) stranger causes heartache for the blissfully unaware citizens of the closely-knit community. 

Unlike the original volume it's based on, the Netflix adaptation features a female villain. Instead of the people of Cedarfield, the series chronicles the events daunting the citizens of an unnamed town. 

While we can't guarantee that a visit to the above-mentioned locations would offer insight into harrowing events of the same caliber, there's one thing for certain: the sights of Bolton, Stockport, and Manchester are just as beautiful on-screen as they are in real life. 

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