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Source: Netflix

These Are the Historic Locations Where 'The Stranger' Was Filmed


A beheaded alpaca lying in the main square, a young adolescent found barely-conscious in a nearby forest, an attempted suicide— these are just some of the mysteries DS Johanna Griffin tries to shed light upon in the new Netflix series, The Stranger. 

In the course of eight episodes, we watch the infallible detective untangle the complex web of mysteries while roaming the cobble-stoned alleyways of the small town in search of new evidence. Fans want to know: Where does The Stranger take place? 

So, where does 'The Stranger' take place?

The psychological thriller kicks off with a seemingly ordinary, neither good nor bad scene: a father-of-two, Adam Price (Richard Armitage) unwinding at a nearby local restaurant after a particularly heated game of football. 

The illusion of orderliness shatters the moment he is approached by The Stranger (Hannah John-Kamen). She matter-of-factly informs Adam that his wife lied about a supposed miscarriage a few years back — and soon enough, the troubles begin.