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Source: Instagram

Nicola Correia-Damude Is the Town Sheriff in the Netflix Horror Show 'October Faction'


If monsters and monster hunters are how you like to unwind on a Friday night, then Netflix's new horror series will have you hooked in an instant.

October Faction follows a couple and their twin children as they move back to father Fred Allen's hometown to investigate some increased monster activities, and their children ultimately become involved to keep everyone safe. Think: Spy Kids, but with monster-hunters instead of spies.

Nicola Correia-Damude is just one member of the already star-studded cast. Here's an explainer of her character on October Faction. 

Nicola is Sheriff Gina Fernandez in 'October Faction.'

Nicola landed the role of supporting character Sheriff Gina Fernandez in the show. While there isn't much detail out about her character, it's likely she'll cross paths with Deloris and Fred on more than once occasion, considering they're fighting monsters without the law knowing.

Gina first meets the Allen family when she's forced to call Deloris and Fred to the station, noting that Fred's car was at the location of a murder.