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'The Hole in the Ground' Might Be the Scariest Movie on Netflix



Most people have abandoned scary films for the time being in favor of Christmas movies, but for the real horror enthusiast out there, The Hole in the Ground is the latest movie that has critics and fans alike raving at its spookiness. The Irish movie stars Seana Kerslake as a young mom named Sarah who notices her son's behavior changes after he runs into the woods, where he discovers a giant sinkhole.

The Hole in the Ground premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in early 2019, and it's gaining momentum as more and more people are discovering it on streaming services. The movie is garnering comparisons to The Babadook, and many are saying it's the scariest movie of 2019. 

Source: Vertigo Releasing

Is The Hole in the Ground available to watch on Netflix?

The answer is yes...and no. It's just been released on Netflix in the UK, so if you're there, get to watching! For those of us who are in the United States, you're sadly out of luck...unless you have Amazon Prime, that is!

The Hole in the Ground is free to watch on Amazon Prime Video in the U.S. And it's properly spooky. It's got everything: A family that moves to a new house in the woods. A spooky old lady who stares into your soul and wanders around town in a flowy, white nightgown, a tract of woods with a mysterious sinkhole, and a creepy little boy who wears a school uniform while he destroys your life, and a poor mom who is convinced she's going nuts.

Source: Vertigo Releasing

The Hole in the Ground has gotten rave reviews.

It's certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with 85 percent. Writer and producer Colm Tobin said of it on Twitter, "Saw The Hole In the Ground on Netflix last night — a proper Irish horror with great central performances, beautifully shot with a really atmospheric score. Check it out!"

Another fan wrote, "The Hole In the Ground is one of my favorite movies of the year. A lot of great shots, very tense, and a pretty nice pace. Not much to complain about IMO. Very good horror movie."


While everyone is fawning over Last Christmas or rewatching Love Actually, why not turn off those Christmas lights and give yourself a great fright this holiday season? The Hole in the Ground is definitely up there in spookiness with The Babadook, the Australian story of a children's book character who haunts a struggling family. 

The Hole in the Ground is written and directed by Irish filmmaker Lee Cronin, and The Hole in the Ground is his debut feature film. If this movie is any indication, we have a new brilliant horror auteur on our hands. If you are a fan of scary movies, The Hole in the Ground is not one to be missed.

Watch the trailer for The Hole in the Ground above.

If you're in the UK, catch it on Netflix, and if you're in the U.S., hit up Amazon Prime and let yourself be spooked this holiday season.

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